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AIRED: 04-25-2021

What if we found a clean, abundant resource that could provide the lion’s share of the world’s energy needs? How far would we be willing to go to get it?



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Have no doubts that fixing America will fix the world. Again. But how. It’s not that easy, is it? Yes it is. President Trump said he could end the war in Ukraine in one day. It is possible to reverse course and get America moving in the right direction in one day as well. Here’s...

AIRED: 01-22-2023

In the story Watership Down a group of rabbits flee their home warren of Sandleford, ahead of its imminent destruction at the hands of real estate developers. They set out looking for a safe, new home and among their adventures they encounter another warren called Cowslip. ...

AIRED: 01-15-2023

The intentional manmade ‘climate change’ fraud is continually gaining steam, as it will always be the linchpin to future abuses and control by the rulers and their pawns in politics and mainstream media. ...

AIRED: 01-08-2023

Today the human race begins a new year. This punctuation is something only perceived by humans, and I might add not all humans make this perception. Only the humans aware of our consciousness make this observation. What I want to do tonight is make the premise that we are eternal beings. ...

AIRED: 01-01-2023

There are 8.2 billion people on the earth right now. Unless that reality goes negative, for some jabbing reason, they all have a need for a certain amount of energy. Call it a footprint, if you will. The members of the Global Syndicate bathe and soak and glut every day, so they use more energy...

AIRED: 12-18-2022

The CCP announcing that it is preparing to go to war is a ruse. It is right out of the Art of War. Appear to your enemies to strong when you are weak. The CCP is not trying to hide its efforts to ready for war. They have paid American officers and former officers to...

AIRED: 12-11-2022