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AIRED: 07-02-2019

Pop the corks. Blow the horns. Riot in the streets. THE MOON LANDING VIDEO TAPES HAVE BEEN RECOVERED – sold in a NASA surplus garage sale in the 70s). Apparently, they’ve been knockin’ about since 2008, and now that there’s press driving the focus toward the waning interest in the 50th anniversary of the first alleged moon landing, the video tapes will be auctioned off in NYC on the 50th anniversary – July 20, 2019. Why isn’t NASA gobbling these up after accidentally losing them???
Mitchell from Australia joins Paul and Knoxy to poke fun at how defenders of the globe will claim flat earth is finally debunked once and for all with the moon landing tapes being discovered — AND Paul and Knoxy talk about next week’s big announcement about THE FUTURE OF POTP LIVE!
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Documentary producer Jake Grant joins Paul to discuss the recent release of his 2 1/2 years of work following the flat earth movement, culminating in an almost 3-hour documentary film in which he covers every aspect of the community, its people, the evidence, censorship, and the nail in the coffin — the Bible being a...

AIRED: 09-10-2019

The Globe Lie Tour Team led by Roxanne and Jason report live from the road during a rain storm in England, and Knoxy joins in the second half to discuss his work being featured in Popular Science Magazine. Zack Zabala (gudtims4all) joins late to talk about his test with electricity, density. and buoyancy....

AIRED: 09-03-2019

Paul has the night off, so Roxanne The Globalist Denier takes over the microphone to interview Brian Staveley, creator of The Real News Online and The Dose Of Reality Radio Show. Brian also hosted and produced The Wake Up Call, The Last American Radio Broadcast, and The Brian Staveley Show. He specializes in media fakery...

AIRED: 08-27-2019

Jason Disbury joins Paul and Roxanne to chat about the massive fund raising effort by the globe lie community the last week that has helped fund the 14,000-mile, 39-country tour due to kick off in less than 2 weeks! Be sure to click the link below to help fund the rest of the tour so...

AIRED: 08-20-2019

Matt Procella (aka ODD Reality) takes time out from his production of award winning truth documentaries and music to visit with Paul and Roxanne. But before the interview begins, Roxanne has an additional special guest to introduce – followed by a discussion on a recent article by TFR Host Billy Ray of the Infinite Fringe...

AIRED: 08-13-2019

Chris and Liz Bailey, organizers of the Take On The World Conference, join Paul and Knoxy to discuss the big event coming up Aug 22-25 in Vermillion, Ohio. With over 30 speakers, 3 stages, and activities for the whole family, the third annual TOTW Conference is sure to be the place to be this summer!...

AIRED: 08-06-2019