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AIRED: 07-02-2019

Pop the corks. Blow the horns. Riot in the streets. THE MOON LANDING VIDEO TAPES HAVE BEEN RECOVERED – sold in a NASA surplus garage sale in the 70s). Apparently, they’ve been knockin’ about since 2008, and now that there’s press driving the focus toward the waning interest in the 50th anniversary of the first alleged moon landing, the video tapes will be auctioned off in NYC on the 50th anniversary – July 20, 2019. Why isn’t NASA gobbling these up after accidentally losing them???
Mitchell from Australia joins Paul and Knoxy to poke fun at how defenders of the globe will claim flat earth is finally debunked once and for all with the moon landing tapes being discovered — AND Paul and Knoxy talk about next week’s big announcement about THE FUTURE OF POTP LIVE!
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Flat Earth International Conference founder and organizer Robbie Davidson joins Paul and Roxanne to talk everything FEIC 2019! With just over a week to go, final preparations are being made for the FLAT EARTH event of the year in Dallas, Texas! Sure to be a lot of surprises in store… and Paul will be live...

AIRED: 11-05-2019

Author Douglas Falk joins Paul and Roxanne to talk about his flat earth novel, The Voyage, which will be released in early December. Roxanne provided the Globe Lie Euro Tour update, the trio discussed recent NASA chicanery, and took calls from listeners – including a very special call from President Donald Trump. ...

AIRED: 10-29-2019

Rob Skiba joins Paul and Roxanne to discuss his SEED project and his 10-year search for truth that has powered his ministry and has inspired countless people. Listen as Rob shares his globe lie awakening and the pit of despair he found himself in before before turning it all over to God and has since...

AIRED: 10-22-2019

Globe Lie Radio kicks off with Roxanne giving the Tour update, before diving into the conversation about the mainstream media’s latest antics and getting called out by the Internet hive mind and whistleblowers, followed by ham radio and other happenings across the plane. Lots of great calls, including a surprise guest at the end of...

AIRED: 10-15-2019

Globe denier Nir Shoshany is Paul and Roxanne’s guest for the final POTP Live broadcast. The show has a new name going forward! Nir talks about his awakening to the globe lie and the awakening he’s experienced and observed in Israel over the last six months – leading into a 2020 Flat Holy Land experience...

AIRED: 10-08-2019

Roxanne and Paul reminisce about all they experienced in the UK and Amsterdam at the two Flat Earth Conventions… the synergy created, the energy generated, and passion-fueled activism and awareness creation that comes from the fact that when like-minded, truth-seeking people converge, good things happen! ...

AIRED: 10-01-2019