Sep 15, 2013

typhoon-japan-man-yi-hurricane-storm-fukushima-nuclear-contamination-groundwater-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationThere is a huge typhoon (an Asian hurricane) headed right for Fukushima. There are already severe problems going on at the plant, which the Japanese managed to cover up for over 2 years, and the fears have just been worsened by the prospect of 144km/hr winds hitting it. Remember, folks, they’re on stilts! Is this it? Will the reactors topple completely this time? Has humanity run out of luck?

THERE are fears the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant will contaminate groundwater with radioactive substances as Typhoon Man-yi hits southern Japan .

The storm, named “Man-yi” is located in the Pacific Ocean and is packing gusts up to 162km/h and moving north-northwest, according to Japan’s Meteorological Agency.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

It was on a direct course to hit southern parts of the main island Honshu, possibly around 10am AEST, in Shizuoka prefecture, southwest of Tokyo.

The typhoon was then expected to head northeast towards the capital and its surrounding region by noon and cross the northeast including the Fukushima area.

More contaminated water is feared to seep into the groundwater, as torrential rains are expected on Monday. Workers have been pumping water from around the highly radioactive tanks at the plant.