Truth Frequency Radio

Aug 12, 2014

The Modern Knowledge Tour was a cross Canada series of events that took place in Canada between May 24th and June 15th, 2014. Organized by David Whitehead and Chris Russak, the aim was to inspire the audience to think outside the box, and to look into these fascinating subjects for themselves. The topics presented on the Modern Knowledge Tour challenged individuals to re-examine their history, reality, and will open doors to new discovery along the way.
Modern Knowledge Tour topics and areas of current research include:
•     Science and Spirituality
•     Genetically Modified foods and Health
•     The Science of Light
•     Government Disclosure
•     Solutions for a world of sustainability
•     Esoteric Agenda
•     Banking and Corporate Fraud
•     Empowered and Sovereign Humanity
•     Spirituality and Consciousness
•     Taxonomy of Extraterrestrial Entities
•     Biblical Archeological Revised History
•     Megaliths and Giants of North America
•     Black Projects – Follow the Money
•     The Science of UFO’s

And many more topics that are of great consequence for the evolution of human thought.
The tour was a first of its kind in Canada, and was well received across the country. The cities included:
Halifax – Charlottetown – Moncton – Fredericton – Montreal – Ottawa – Toronto 
Thunder Bay – Winnipeg – Regina – Calgary – Vancouver
Speakers participating in this cross-Canada tour include:
Michael Tellinger – Richard Dolan – Stanton Friedman – Dr. Carmen Boulter – Michael Tsarion – Jim Mars – G. Edward Griffin – Grant Cameron – Linda Moulton Howe – Hugh Newman – Kerry Cassidy – Ralph Ellis – Santos Bonacci – Ben Stewart – Dr. Sam Osmanagich
Chris and David would like to extend a big thank you to Truth Frequency Radio for all the help and support, and to all who helped make this Tour a reality.
After such popular demand, the success of the tour has inspired the team to do it again! For more information on future events check out the new updated website: