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Nov 12, 2015

By Luckee1

Update: 01:32 GMT+1  13 Novemeber, 2015

Confirmed! Soros is behind this Mizzou rage. Thanks to investmentwatchblog for finding even more information and connecting the dots. My original article remains intact below this update.

Jonathan L. Butler

Founder and CXO at Moyo Wazi, LLC
Columbia, Missouri
Marketing and Advertising

Moyo Wazi, LLC, University of Missouri

University of Missouri, AIESEC United States, University of Missouri – Department of Student Life

University of Missouri-Columbia

Local Committee President
AIESEC United States
January 2015 – May 2015 (5 months)

• Management of the 40 members of AIESEC in Columbia, MO (AIESEC Mizzou)
• Implementation of national business strategies and professional development distributed by the AIESEC United States national board.
• Management of the AIESEC Mizzou Executive Board and of the Board of Advisers.
• Oversight of the productivity, efficiency, and brand alignment of AIESEC in Missouri.

AIESEC is an internationalist organization.

“AIESEC produces global citizens who will hopefully understand and practice the values of open society in their companies and communities. This organisation of bright, enthusiastic young people from all corners of the globe is dedicated to providing international internships that serve both its student members and participating companies and promote understanding between cultures.

The foundations I established and currently fund promote AIESEC’s activities in many countries” George Soros, Chairman, Open Society Institute


There is a civil war brewing and a potential to fracture the country.  People are weighing in on both sides of the issue not realizing that this whole thing has been planned out meticulously and the useful idiots on both sides have performed beautifully whether they know it or not. What ever racism had occurred before these protests, they have now been overshadowed by the antics of the past month. That is a shame. Only 12-13% of America is black, should there be a higher representation in the halls of academy? To follow the events of late, one would be led to believe that this is 1960’s rather than 2015. The following will help all get past the lies. Were I to have a child attending that school,  I would take my child out of the school and demand my money back. Parents do not send their kids to school for this nonsense. They send their kids to college to learn and earn a degree. Classes canceled due to the uproar, is no excuse.

Let us take a look at the huge lie that led to the resignation of University of Missouri’s President. It was reported that he hit a student with a car. Not at all true. The student hit the car.


A new angle has emerged about the University Missouri ‘Demonstrations’ It seems Planned Parenthood will benefit immensely from removing the table of organization of the school.

The resignation of the University of Missouri chancellor could affect the Planned Parenthood near the campus. (Photo : Mizzou)
The recent resignation of University of Missouri Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin and president Tim Wolfe has had an unexpected consequence: it could lead to abortion services provided at the Planned Parenthood in the college’s home of Columbia, Mo. The non-profit organization is asking Lewin to lift a ban on clinics on campus before he leaves his post.
Loftin and Wolfe resigned from their posts after a highly publicized protest about the college’s lack of response to racial incidents on campus, CNN reported. While Loftin was chancellor, he acted to revoke hospital admitting privileges to Planned Parenthood, according to The Kansas City Star. Doctors who provide abortions at a Planned Parenthood need admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of a clinic, or it could be closed down. Loftin’s ban led to the limitation of the Columbia clinic providing abortions services to patients and could lead to the closure of the Planned Parenthood facility.

“Before assuming a new role, we urge Chancellor Loftin to immediately reinstate the appropriate clinical privileges to ensure there is no disruption in health care access for the residents of this community,” said Laura McQuade, president of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, according to The Huffington Post.

Student protester Jonathan Butler, who went on a hunger strike to protest the racial tension on campus, also supports Planned Parenthood on the University of Missouri campus. He noted in a letter that “Planned Parenthood services being stripped from campus” was a concern for him as well as the racial incidents at the school.

Now recall if you will that Jonathan Butler is a millionaire son. Has been a student for 8 years and he says he is hunger striking until Loftin admits his ‘white privilege’, Butler does not have to admit his own privilege. If Black Lives Matter, why would he be so enamored of an abortion facility having access to the campus?

After the successful media blitz, the students wanted sudden privacy. No media and nevermind the peoples’ right to know. (Mind this is a (formerly) respected journalism school). It is amazing how many Americans claim rights that have no basis while denying actual human rights as covered in the American Bill of Rights. No where in the law, is there a stipulation of ‘safe place’.  Who are these people?  Adult Survivors of Child Abuse going through therapy? ‘Safe place’ is a term used by counselors in therapy for adult survivors who need help coping with trauma, or Post Traumatic Stress. The following will show sheer hypocrisy in claiming private ‘safe place’ on a federally funded public area on campus, after calling in the media, versus Federally funded Institutions’ employees assaulting and denying a sect of students (student journalists) from exercising their rights under freedom of the press in a public area previously by invitation of the one who assaulted.

Being white is a crime now (unless the white person is on the side of the protesters) even the White T shirts for the upcoming game has been pulled off the school store shelves because of sensitivity to the issues.  Calling for the killing of White people is Ok, and the MSM won’t cover it. This girl calls for blacks to kill whites, why? Because White Supremacy is not ‘hearing it’. Not because of self defense, or defense of family. No.

Two students have been arrested due to threats made on Yik Yak social media. This one:

And another one on suspicion of threats. No screenshots available as yet of the threat. Connor B. Stottlemyre, 19, of Blue Springs, Mo., arrested on suspicion of posting on social media a threat to shoot blacks.

But the girl calling for the murder of white people is still uncharged and free.

Meanwhile the Student President, Payton Head who has previously met with Obama in the White House, stirred up terror on campus by sending lies over social media to the student body and was later rebuked for it by Campus officials.

Now is that not a form of terrorism?  I know he won’t be convicted. The MSM and the White House does the same thing everyday.

Now let us look at where the money for this protest is coming from and see who is behind this division in our society.  As per usual in cases of the civil wars that take place in various countries we find that the groups (supposedly grassroots) is actually funded directly and indirectly by George Soros.

Here are relevant organizations interested in the outcome of Mizzou that are funded directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI): (Full List can be found here)

  • Change America Now: Formed in December 2006, Change America Now describes itself as “an independent political organization created to educate citizens on the failed policies of the Republican Congress and to contrast that record of failure with the promise offered by a Democratic agenda.
  • This Web-based organization supports Democratic political candidates through fundraising, advertising, and get-out-the-vote drives.
  • Ms. Foundation for Women: This group laments what it views as the widespread and enduring flaws of American society: racism, sexism, homophobia, and the violation of civil rights and liberties. It focuses its philanthropy on groups that promote affirmative action for women, unfettered access to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand, amnesty for illegal aliens, and big government generally.
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America: This group supports taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand, and works to elect pro-abortion Democrats.
  • National Abortion Federation: This group opposes any restrictions on abortion at either the state or federal levels, and champions the introduction of unrestricted abortion into developing regions of the world.
  • National Council for Research on Women: This group supports big government, high taxes, military spending cuts, increased social welfare spending, and the unrestricted right to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.
  • National Council of Women’s Organizations: This group views the United States as a nation rife with injustice against girls and women. It advocates high levels of spending for social welfare programs, and supports race and gender preferences for minorities and women in business and academia.
  • National Partnership for Women and Families: This organization supports race- and sex-based preferences in employment and education. It also advocates for the universal “right” of women to undergo taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason.
  • National Women’s Law Center: This group supports taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand; lobbies against conservative judicial appointees; advocates increased welfare spending to help low-income mothers; and favors higher taxes for the purpose of generating more funds for such government programs as Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, foster care, health care, child-support enforcement, and student loans.
  • Planned Parenthood: This group is the largest abortion provider in the United States and advocates taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.
  • Project Vote: This is the voter-mobilization arm of the Soros-funded ACORN. A persistent pattern of lawlessness and corruption has followed ACORN/Project Vote activities over the years.


For those who have done any measure of research into ‘uprisings’ or ‘grassroots’ protests throughout the world in the last couple of decades, here is a symbol you will easily recognize:


captured image from youtube




Soros is not the only one behind these ‘movements’.  John McCain is also a part of this manipulating:

After its success, Serbia’s Otpor would continue receiving funds from the West and become a “CIA-coup college” of sorts, under the name CANVAS, or “Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies.” It appears that after the Egyptian April 6 Youth Movement finished attending the US State Department funded confab in New York City in 2008, it would make a trip to visit CANVAS in 2009. From there, it took CANVAS’s “curriculum” and apparently their logo, and began assembling a US-funded mob in Egypt.

Amongst CANVAS’s current “partners” are the Albert Einstein Institution, Freedom House, and the International Republican Institute (IRI). The IRI includes amongst its board of directors John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Brent Scowcroft. When John McCain says “We should have seen this coming,” in regards to the unrest in Egypt, he obviously isn’t talking about himself since he helped make it happen.


So here is the ‘proof’ of racism on campus. A lone voice suggesting hunger strike for 8 days is not doing anything, and to try going to Africa a whole continent of corruption… This is not racist at all. But scared people will dream up more stuff to be scared about.

and this

Note the incident took place supposedly on the 24th and 5 DAYS later reported to the police. No pictures just the word of the one who filed it.

Note the incident took place supposedly on the 24th and 5 DAYS later reported to the police. No pictures just the word of the one who filed it.

To sum up:

The whole thing is a construct to destabilize the nation, just like all the other ‘activists with fists’ movements. Planned Parenthood had much to gain by having the right to perform services (abortions) on campus again. Protest and stir up racism for the removal of the people who would oppose Planned Parenthood. George Soros is a huge financier of the abortion industry. He is also a huge financier of nation busting organizations. McCain too is a financier of such ‘balkanizations‘.