AIRED: 08-19-2018

A BREAKOUT SHOW!!! If you’ve hunted for 9/11 Truth, you must hear this new witness, Robert Alexander. Amazing and Critical 9/11 disclosures link Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar and CIA Chief John Brennan with 9/11 Hijackers in January, 2000— 19 months before the 9/11 attack! In the second hour, Powerhouse guest Robert Alexander reveals the day that Saudi Prince Bandar and 9/11 Hijacker Al Hasmi showed up at his Military Supply store in San Diego. And guess who popped in afterwards?? None other than CIA Top Gun JOHN BRENNAN (who just got his Security Clearance pulled by President Trump)
Second bombshell: two weeks before 9/11, in August, 2001, Mohammed Atta and Al Hasmi violently attacked Robert Alexander in the Men’s Room at the Airport in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Guess who interviewed Robert Alexander FOUR Times AFTER 9/11 and threatened him to stay silent: CIA TOP GUN JAMES CLAPPER. Where, oh where is the FBI when you need them to show up??? Ask Robert Mueller!!! Final Question: Considering the timing of the 9/11 Families lawsuit against Saudi Arabia, is this new testimony tied to President Trump’s decision to pull John Brennan’s Security clearance?? And James Clapper’s change of heart to make nice with the Trump White House??? Answer: There’s no coincidence in the Intelligence Business.

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