Truth Frequency Radio
Aug 26, 2013


When Miley was under age, she performed at the Teen Choice Awards coming out of a trailer and then performing stripper moves on a pole attached to an ice cream cart. As our little split personality Miley/Hannah came forward as an adult, she presented herself as a Fallen Angel that could not be controlled. Now it is Cyborg Teddy Bears and tongue-wagging debauchery! Jamie and I discussed this method of Mind Control with 13 year old, Natalie-Marie Hart on Crystal Kids Radio. We predicted much of what you saw at the MTV VMAs! This show will air this week on Truth Frequency.

There’s nothing hidden here! Jamie and I took you on a roller-coaster ride of Hannah Montana products in every major store on 3 continents; A theme park that is your life. In Weird Stuff we detailed the life of Walt Disney and share with you the sinister propaganda of Disney Co. The message is clear…”We Can’t Stop”!

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