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AIRED: 11-18-2018

Stevie Richards joins us this week to discuss AI, God, They Live, Right to Censor and his documentary on the haunting of the capital theatre.


website: www.stevierichardsfitness.com

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Max Igan and Jim Fetzer come together to debate different view points regarding the events that took place in a New Zealand Mosques. Both men present evidence to back up their view points in relation to the massacre. Was it a false flag? Did people die? Whats the agenda behind the event? Its a spirited...

AIRED: 04-14-2019

John Prester and Jimmy Gene join BRV to discuss the measles outbreak in NY, Nipsey Hustle murder and Dr Sebi and a bit of New Zealand...

AIRED: 04-07-2019

John Potash discusses his book and documentary film “DRUGS AS WEAPONS AGAINST US: THE CIA WAR ON MUSICIANS AND ACTIVISTS” How and why does the CIA use drugs and rock stars to manipulate society. Hendricks, Tupac, Lennon , Curt Cobain ...

AIRED: 03-31-2019

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AIRED: 03-17-2019

Jeanice Barcelo joins the Fringe to discuss the release of her book on PDF: The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation. Are hospitals a temple of lucifarian ritual worship? Are we being prepared for induction in a lucifarian cult from before birth? ...

AIRED: 03-10-2019

Do you expierence the following: A feeling of not belonging Truth seekers Sense of a “Mission” in life Empathy & Compassion for Mankind An extra rib or vertebra. Higher than average IQ ESP Ability Love of Space & Science You may have RH Negative blood. ...

AIRED: 03-03-2019