Microchips and the Paranormal with Stevie Richards >>


AIRED: 11-18-2018

Stevie Richards joins us this week to discuss AI, God, They Live, Right to Censor and his documentary on the haunting of the capital theatre.


website: www.stevierichardsfitness.com

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Jimmy Gene and Rio join the Fringe to discuss Conspiracy Culture and Co – opting. We also discuss a bit of music and culture manipulation...

AIRED: 12-09-2018

Joe Atwill joins us to discuss the death of George H.W Bush and all the evil he participated in during life. We also get into a bot of clutter creation and David Bowie. ...

AIRED: 12-02-2018

It’s been 55 years since JFK was killed in front of the world, setting off todays conspiracy movement. James Fetzer, legendary JFK researcher joins us to break down some of the main aspects of this classic conspiracy/tragedy/crime/sacrifice/...

AIRED: 11-25-2018

Cambridge Analytica was a military contractor specializing is Psychological Warfare. Steve Bannon, Trump’s primary strategist, hired them to develop psychological weapons to persuade angry voters. THEY came up with “drain the swamp”, “build a “wall”, “deep state”, and “fake news”, 2 YEARS BEFORE TRUMP WAS A CANDIDATE! Bannon says he got the idea from the...

AIRED: 11-11-2018

Quick!!! The Central Americans and the Muslims are coming!!!!!!! What are we gonna do??? Why are they coming? Anyone care to ask that? We try to address that question and expose the root of the problem. We also get into the A.I problem....

AIRED: 11-04-2018

Alien Abductions have been reported by many people for a long time. What is actually happening to these people.? Who or what is taking them? Ali gives us his take on the matter and how his interpretation of the bible fits with the UFO/ Alien Abduction scene....

AIRED: 10-28-2018