Aug 13, 2013

Let’s be honest with ourselves, here: 9/11, and every terror attack since has either been orchestrated by the government, or encouraged by the government to promote “anti-terror” rhetoric in the public world view, and Americans are far more likely to be killed by their own stupidity or by the drugs the doctors give them than by a terrorist attack. The controllers see the gun crime rate plummeting as more Americans are arming themselves for an ensuing engagement with their own government, and they are absolutely freaking out.

The only game they know how to play at this point is the “problem-reaction-solution” scenario:

1. The government creates a problem (terrorism), either by funding and training terrorists directly  – such as with the case of 9/11’s Osama Bin Laden, who was on the CIA payroll as “Tim Osman” when the U.S. funded and trained AlQaeda to fight the Russians in the 1970’s, or more commonly in the case of domestic terror, through the use of mind control in the U.S. mental health system.

2. Leading up to, during, and after a false flag event, the media (as well as some of the “alternative media”) are told (even subconsciously)to use  certain imagery, phrases, symbols, and even just words to provoke a neurobehavioral response in the listener/reader/viewer. Since 9/11, we have become so desensitized to random, violent imagery that it takes a lot of chaos to provoke that response anymore. Thus, when Michael Hayden says that a terror attack would basically legitimize NSA’s PRISM and related spying programs, you need to pay attention. Especially when FEMA and the DHS are “worried” about it too and issuing new warnings about undetectable explosives the brown people were able to come up with in caves in Yemen.  Yeah, this isn’t obvious.

3. The solution? A greater surveillance state, of course! There are major disasters coming, and the elite have the bunkers ready at their own disposal. The rest of us are going to be forced into a life of continuous, grateful servitude that we were the “lucky” ones who “survived” the tumultuous times ahead, and our children are already being programmed to willingly give up their biometrics data to get their lunch at school. In order for “order” to come out of the “chaos” of the destruction of a large majority of mankind, the elite have to make sure that the remaining serfs who survive are never, ever going to rise up against them like we are now.