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AIRED: 12-22-2017

We kick off our last super-colossal, super-hyphenated Xmas show of 2017 with a song by a band called…wait for it… Iron Sharpens Iron!! Their rendition of ” O Come O Come Emmanuel” is an eye-opener, to say the LEAST…and is now going to be in Walt’s year-round playlist!! We are joined by Ironworx-Alum Candi from iSpy NASALIES YT channel, and Special-Guest, first-timer DJ Kitten-Mittens a/k/a The Oracle from “The Oracle Hour” heard on KPISS.FM. We hear about her path to enlightenment, discuss her UFO-research in light of the current Pentagon ET-BlueBeam disclosure. She tells about a personal sighting of an almond-shaped UFO with 3 witnesses, one of them refusing to even look in the sky in an extreme case of Cog-Dis! As we find out about her up-coming trip to India, we touch on Vedic-Cosmology, Vedic Medicine, Golden Milk, Choir-geekiness, Saturn Cube Worship, 5-G cooking our brains, Crystals, being a Targeted Individual, Flat Earth, Crypto-currency, tangible Flat Earth Coins from Blue Moon Base, and end it all with call to Take The Power Back!!


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