AIRED: 03-08-2020

A lively show with Andy Bilik, Canadian author, of “Mending the Flag, Healing the World. Andy takes a fresh and provocative look at the paradigms of globalism versus populism. Going beyond identity politics and polarization, he advocates a restructuring of democracy based on Risk Management, Oversight and Accountability as a way to achieve better government. Andy argues the goal of good government should be good results based on identifying risks and projecting outcomes, regardless of ideology, and that, he says, demands a good framework. By example, he cites Canada’s avoidance of the 2008 financial crisis, which collapsed the United States’ economy. But his book “Mending the Flag, Healing the Earth” is full relevant illustrations from Brexit and Identity Politics to the European Union and America’s Founding Fathers. Andy takes a whole new approach. He’s an excellent speaker.

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AIRED: 02-19-2023