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AIRED: 06-09-2018

In this magickal episode 33 we go further into the Spiral inside the Eye of Ra. Ra discusses his trip to an Ancient spot in North salem N.Y. called the Balanced rock. This megalithic Dolmen is what Ra has labeled the Sphinx of NY. Ra discusses the magickal workings of Crowley and his impact on the spiritual holographic universe. Than discussion goes to the Ancient Etruscan lineage of Ra’s roots and how it is all connected to the watchers and offspring of. The ancient lineage of Queen Diana and her offspring Lilith and her twin sister Herodia . A Herodias much more ancient than the one who helped behead Saint John in the bible. And Ancient race of our ancestors who had the power of flight and could merge with trees and transform into owls. Ra also talks and describes other simulated races, codes, and sub-quadrants of our holographic universe that he has explored, encountered and researched including the ancient race of MIB time-jumpers called the Capinera. As well as an alternate sub quadrant dimension that has air so hot it sizzles and has volcanic wyrms/worms that live in the lava. Also how timelines are converging and these worms are appearing in this realm in the lava. Don’t miss this show folks!!!!!


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tonight show dedicated to long time listener Robert Stockman who passed away last week. Ra discusses the connections that took place during Roberts passing in the first segment, and how it seems that we are searching for a lost coordinate of who we are, of creation. But we are literally embedded in the very coordinate...

AIRED: 01-22-2022

After a few weeks of being off air, Ra Castaldo is back live with an amazing 2-hour broadcast on New years , January 1st 2022. Ra Castaldo discusses his upcoming new projects, his recent Interview with Pro MMA fighter Luiz “the Joker” Azeredo and about a rare encounter with a Great Grey Owl back in...

AIRED: 01-01-2022

Longtime guest of show Mr Gary Wayne joins us for an exclusive conversation about the mysterious bloodline of the Biblical Noah, and the many global flood stories that seem to even be prior to the biblical flood . Host Ra Castaldo usually has one show a month or one show every other month dedicated to...

AIRED: 11-20-2021

unfortunately the first 30 minute segment did not record, we may have to repost, but this show contains groundbreaking information related to Ra Castaldo’s findings while doing Cosmic viewings inside of Copper Faraday Cages. Shown a region beneath the Sphinx of Egypt that is related to a Binary Blue Solar intelligence inside the Eridanus River...

AIRED: 11-13-2021