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Jan 20, 2013

Lady Gaga to Reportedly Perform at Presidential Inauguration

Lady Gaga to Reportedly Perform at Presidential InaugurationBroadway World

According to ABC NEWS, another pop star is joining the ranks of those performing at Barack Obama’s inauguration celebration tomorrow, Jan. 21.

An inside source told the Associated Press that Lady Gaga is set to perform at Tuesday’s private ball for White House staffers, the site reports.

Nothing has been confirmed at this time.

Gaga is currently in the midst of her ‘Born This Way Ball’ Tour. Pollstar’s 2012 Mid Year report ranks the Born This Way Ball as the top grossing tour by any female artist Worldwide this year. About the show, the Hong Kong Daily News wrote “Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball is effortlessly brilliant in both the visual and musical sense,” while Seoul Daily said that with her “splendid and unprecedented stage, she is the absolute queen of pop!” The UK’s Daily Telegraph called the Ball “quite spectacular,” while affirming that “Lady Gaga occupies pole position as the 21st century’s ultimate pop star.”

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Inaugural Corporate Donors Include Bank Of America, Coca-Cola, Microsoft

The Huffington Post | By Posted: 01/20/2013 1:32 pm EST | Updated: 01/20/2013 1:32 pm EST

Inaugural Corporate Donors

President Obama’s second welcome into office will be brought to you by Bank Of America, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

Those three companies are among the many backers of Obama’s inaugural festivities, according to a list posted by the Presidential Inaugural Committee. Other corporations donating to fund the president’s pomp and circumstance include AT&T and FedEx.

Organizations with lobbying arms that are backing the inauguration — which include labor unions in addition to major corporations — have spent $283 million lobbying since Obama first took office, according to an analysis from the Center for Public Integrity. Obama banned individual lobbyists and political action committees from donating to his inaugural festivities; they can’t even buy inauguration swag online, according to the Washington Post.

The corporate-backed inauguration is a departure from Obama’s first-term policy. In 2009, the president shunned corporate donations for his inauguration and instead raised the $50 million to cover the festivities from other sources, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This year though, Obama’s individual donors are worn out. The president won reelection thanks to the most expensive campaign in history, which clocked in $1.4 billion. After the pricey campaign, committee officials were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to raise the necessary funds for the festivities and so they opened it up to corporations, the New York Times reported in December.

Of course Obama isn’t alone in accepting corporate donations for his inauguration. Many of the company’s backing this year’s festivities — including Coca-Cola and Microsoft — donated to George W. Bush’s first inaugural committee in 2005, according to the Washington Post.

Youth and Kids Balls Kick Off Inauguration Festivities

ap inaugural kids sasha malia obama sswm jt 130120 wblog Youth and Kids Balls Kick Off Inauguration Festivities

ABC News’ Rosalyn Oshmyansky reports:

Before the official swearing in today or the unofficial swearing in Monday, young supporters of President Obama celebrated their contribution to his reelection with their own special party.

Nearby in Washington on Saturday night the first tweens — Malia and Sasha — and first lady Michelle Obama attended a Kids Inaugural Ball at the Washington Convention Center in an event to honor military families.

Tune in to the ABC Live page on Monday morning starting at 9:30 a.m. ET for all-day live streaming video coverage of Inauguration 2013: Barack Obama. Live coverage will also be available on the ABC News iPad App and mobile devices.

Between the two youth-oriented balls, the nation’s capitol became quite the hot spot. The Kids Inaugural Ball featured performances by Usher and Katy Perry, who wore an American flag. Over at the Youth Ball, John Legend, Common and T-Pain performed.

gty rapper common jt 130120 wblog Youth and Kids Balls Kick Off Inauguration FestivitiesRapper Common attends the Hosts Inaugural Youth Ball on Jan. 19, 2013 in Washington, DC. (Paul Morigi/WireImage)

For the Youth Ball, the National Portrait Gallery turned into a red carpet event with celebrities, politicians and young entrepreneurs who were all greeted by the media behind velvet ropes.

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Michelle Obama & Daughters Sasha and Malia Dance to Katy Perry’s Pre-Inauguration Performance


Katy Perry

Now, this is the way to ring in an inauguration.

Dolled up in a red, white and blue one-piece, Katy Perry hit the stage at the 2013 Kids’ Inaugural Concert Saturday at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., rocking the house with a star-spangled performance.

Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama, Malia Obama

“I’m very proud to be here…and to see the Obamas and the Bidens here for four more years,” Perry said, according to the Washington Post.

First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters Sasha and Malia were in the audience dancing and throwing their hands up as the “Firework” singer performed hits like “Teenage Dream” and “Wide Awake” at the event that honored America’s military families.

“Now, inauguration is a pretty big deal,” said the First Lady, who hosted the event with Jill Biden, “But I have to tell you that my very favorite part of this entire weekend is being right here with all of you.”

Usher also was on hand for the concert as well, performing “Yeah!,” “Without You” and “O.M.G.”

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Notes from Saturday’s inauguration parties

Posted by Lavanya Ramanathan on January 20, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Washington Post

This post has been updated.

Night one of inauguration revelry is behind us, and as we sip our coffees and re-live last night’s high points, there’s one observation that we can’t seem to shake. At balls, parties and clubs, everyone seemed to have forgotten about the man of the hour: President Obama. No, there were no cardboard cutouts of POTUS this time, no art exhibition with 900 different paintings of him, no t-shirts emblazoned with his face, in rhinestones, as we saw in 2009.

Lavanya Ramanathan/The Washington Post

At Kentucky’s sold-out Bluegrass Ball at the Marriott Wardman Park, the loudest cheers of the night came when a speaker mentioned bourbon, not President Obama, not bipartisan cooperation, not the inauguration.’s giant GenerationNow party at the Reynolds Center drew twenty- and thirty-somethings dressed in sequin dresses and suits, but there’s no doubt they were politically minded. Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine (D) and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) drew cheers. But’s message from the stage was not about winning elections, but winning minds: “We did it. But it’s the beginning,” the pop star, whose leather jacket was dotted with buttons reading “Space Geek” and “NASA,” told the crowd. “We have to continue to turn children into technicians, scientists and engineers,” he said, encouraging those in low-income neighborhoods in particular, “instead of musicians and athletes, to become innovators.”

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President Peace Prize Takes Oath in Secret… again

(Before It’s News)

by Scott Creighton

Here’s a question for all you constitutional ambulance chasers out there (that means you Glenn Greenwald): If the president doesn’t actually take the oath of office and we’re dumb enough to let him get away with it, does that mean he can’t be held accountable for not protecting the constitution of the United States?

The MSM is making nothing of the fact that our Peace Prizing “winning” president has taken the oath of office in secret for a second straight time. This time his excuse is the fact that the 20th happened to fall on a Sunday. How does that make one bit of difference? Reagan did it on Sunday and if it’s good enough for Reagan…

Over at MSNBC or NBCNews or ObamaCentral, whatever it’s called these days, they have some pictures of Obama holding up his hand and his dutiful wife standing there looking at his going through the motions with this little smirk on his face. One of his daughters has the same smirk in the mandatory family shot they took with Mrs. Peace Prize holding the bible.

“I did it!” he proclaims without so much as a wink or some fingers crossed behind his back.

Chief Justice John Roberts administered this little side show like last time in secret (hush hush). Four years ago this highly educated Chief Justice of the Supreme court couldn’t read 5 sentences off a card in bold type and they “messed up” the public ceremony “raising concerns about whether the constitutional requirements were fulfilled to the letter of the law” so they had to retire to some little office somewhere and do it in secret.

But you just take their word for it. The guy who claims he can kill U.S. citizens at will and lock them up using the military and then hold them forever without trial and who by the way is looking to restrict gun owners of their rights based on his own special degrees, actually held his hand up and vowed to protect the constitution of the United States.

But he did it in secret because it’s Sunday.

You go ahead and believe that.

Biden sworn in for second term as vice president

By Agence France-Presse
Sunday, January 20, 2013 9:29 EST

Biden via AFP

US Vice President Joe Biden re-took the oath of office Sunday as Barack Obama officially begins his second term, a day ahead of public festivities planned for Monday.

Biden placed his hand on a thick and weathered-looking bible held by his wife, Jill, and pledged to “support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

The small morning ceremony was officiated by Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor, and attended by a number of Biden’s family members.

Obama will also take the oath Sunday in a ceremony at the White House to comply with the US Constitution, which dictates his first term ends at noon on January 20.

In a tradition honored when that date falls on a Sunday, Obama will repeat the oath in a public ceremony Monday, and deliver his inaugural address to Americans, and the watching world, outside the US Capitol.

Biden Gaffes, ‘I’m Proud To Be President’

Noel Sheppard
January 20, 2013

Joe Biden the gaffe machine was at it again Saturday.

Speaking at the Iowa State Society inauguration ball, the Vice President said, “I’m proud to be President of the United States” (video follows…):

After some laughter and a nudge from someone on stage, Biden corrected himself.

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Obama’s inauguration a boon for businesses

By Agence France-Presse
Saturday, January 19, 2013 17:00 EST

Workers make final preparations at the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 18, 2013 in Washington, DC. Photo via AFP.

Tucked behind a tidy souvenir shop storefront on the ground floor of an office building one block from the White House, t-shirts, sweatshirts, buttons and a vast assortment of inauguration paraphernalia is staged for an onslaught of purchasing.

Over the course of the weekend, which culminates on Monday on the grassy, park-like National Mall when US President Barack Obama will be sworn in for a second time, Washington businesses that cater to tourists are girding for a deluge of customers.

“It’s just breathtaking in the store during those days,” said Andrew Gallagher, general manager at White House Gifts, whose shop is located on the inaugural parade route.

This year’s inauguration has shrunk to an estimated 500,000 to 800,000 people from the record-breaking 1.8 million who showed up for Obama’s first swearing in four years ago, but that hasn’t reduced his expectation for financial gain.

“When you’re a store that’s 3,500 square feet, there are only so many people you can fit in the store,” Gallagher said.

Statistics for how much business the inauguration brings to the city aren’t generally tabulated, but Max Farrow, DC Chamber of Commerce director of communications, said that in terms of general tourism, each visit to DC generates about $336 in expenditures.

“We do know that in inauguration years, on average we see about a four percent increase in hotel occupancy than in non-inauguration years” for January, said Alicia Malone, a media relations manager at Destination DC, a nonprofit that manages and markets tourism in the capital.

At the Tabard Inn, a quirky hotel and restaurant in Washington’s trendy Dupont Circle neighborhood, general manager Jeremiah Cohen said rooms are sold out for the weekend and the restaurant will be packed, but the establishment’s biggest moment comes Monday.

“Imagine, like, everything being dictated by the end of swearing in and thousands of people who are famished,” Cohen says.

“The flood gates open and I’d say thousands of people start walking north,” heading all the way to his restaurant, a favorite with locals, a mile away.

For Rich Benning, president of production company All Stage and Sound, Inc., the work that will be done over the four-day rush from Friday through Monday creates four times the business he usually sees in January.

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Obama kicks off inauguration weekend with volunteering

By Agence France-Presse
Saturday, January 19, 2013 11:39 EST

US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama (R) wave as they board Air Force One on January 5, 2013 upon departure from Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii. (AFP)

Americans kicked off Barack Obama’s inauguration weekend Saturday with a day of service, with the president and his family volunteering their efforts in Washington.

The president will participate in a local project around 11:30 am local time (1630 GMT).

Meanwhile, vice president Joe Biden and his family were at the DC Armory in the capital to help volunteers pack 100,000 care kits for deployed and wounded US soldiers, veterans and emergency personnel.

Obama added a day of service to the inauguration festivities during his first go-round in 2009, when the jeans-clad newly-elected president pulled up his sleeves to repaint a homeless shelter in the capital.

He also visited wounded solders at the Walter Reed military hospital, on the outskirts of Washington.

Hundreds of events are planned across the country starting Saturday, including environmental cleanups, clothing and food drives for the needy, educational workshops for children and school renovations.

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Embassy celebrates US inauguration with Timbits and poutine

Embassy celebrates US inauguration with Timbits and poutineBRYN WEESE | QMI AGENCY

WASHINGTON – Nothing says presidential inauguration like beavertail pastries, poutine and Tim Hortons’ coffee.

There will also be lots of Molson beer, too, for the Canadian Embassy’s tailgate party Monday during US President Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremony and parade.

It’s the second time the embassy – located at “centre ice,” according to Ambassador Gary Doer, halfway between the White House and the Capitol – is having a tailgate party.

“You have to have Canadian comfort food on a cold day in Washington,” Doer said. “We won’t be cutting the crusts off of the sandwiches. It’ll be full Canadian fare.

“It’s our contribution to the health-care debate in the United States – poutine,” he joked. “They’re having debates about Big Gulp Cokes in New York, and we’re having poutine.”


IRS Gun Confiscation Bill Introduced In Congress H.R. 226, Citizens File 10 Articles Of Impeachment

(Before It’s News)

IRS credit to citizens who allow government to confiscate their firearms.

On January 13, 2013, H.R. 226 was introduced in the House of Representatives by Connecticut Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro. The bill will amend the 1986 IRS code and allow a credit if taxpayers “surrender” their guns to the government.

Cited as the “Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for our Streets Act,” the proposed legislation represents another effort to convince citizens that they must voluntarily turn in their guns as a civic duty and to do their part to reduce “gun violence” and protect children, as Obama said yesterday.

The bill is yet more evidence that federal and state governments are now pulling out all stops short of door-to-door confiscation in their coordinated effort to disarm the American people.

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Citizens File 10 Articles of Impeachment Against Obama
Resolution Impeaching Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.
Resolved, That Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate:
Citizens File 10 Articles of Impeachment Against Obama
That Barack Hussein Obama, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the US Senate:
Resolved, That Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate:

Article I
In his conduct while President of the United States,Barack Hussein Obama, in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, did allow, the transfer of guns, grenades and other weapons to Mexican drug cartels direct from the federal government. This resulted in the deaths of at least 58,000 Mexican nationals and hundreds of Americans.

Article II
Barack Hussein Obama violated numerous laws and violated his constitutional obligation to protect the health and safety of Americans when according to federal court documents in Chicago, he allowed the CIA and Mexican drug cartels to fly planeloads of illegal drugs into that city. As Commander-in-Chief, he has allowed opium production to grow to such an extent that 100,000 people worldwide die every year from heroin overdoses. He has made heroin from Afghanistan so plentiful and cheap in America that the average age of a first time heroin user in America is now just 14 ½ years.

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Obama’s use of Scripture has elements of Lincoln, King

By By Daniel Burke| Religion News Service, Published: January 16

Washington Post

President Obama will publicly take the oath of office with Bibles once owned by his political heroes, Abraham Lincoln and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. One Bible was well read, but cited cautiously. The other granted scriptural sanction to the civil rights movement.When Obama lifts his hands from the Bibles and turns to deliver his second inaugural address on Monday (Jan. 21), his own approach to Scripture will come into view. Characteristically, it sits somewhere between the former president and famous preacher.Full Article

FLASHBACK: Obama’s Public Coronation Will Cost Taxpayers Over $100 Million

Daniel Halper
Weekly Standard
January 20, 2013 republished from December 6, 2012

Stephen Dinan reports that “Because next year’s inauguration falls on a Sunday, President Obama will hold only a small, private swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 20, and will hold a big public redo the next day. The Inaugural Committee announced Thursday that activities will last three days: a day of service on Saturday, the small private ceremony on Sunday, and the public swearing-in, parade and balls on Monday.”

That means, the public “inauguration” is just a show, while the actual inauguration will again be behind closed doors (just as it was last go around).

What’s the show going to cost? If the cost of recent past inaugurations are any indication, well over $100 million.

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