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AIRED: 09-09-2021

Today, no woo, just me and you. Never has there been another time like this during all the years I have had the pleasure & privilege of speaking to you here on TFR. History will remember today as the day the Scottish ‘Nationalist’ Party, you know, the globalist Nazi’s draped in tartan, yeah that lot, declared that from October the 1st the much talked about vaccine passports will go live. Nightclubs & sports events/arenas are the first to fall & I ask you what comes next? Will we need to show the QR Code to enter the supermarket? Will we be allowed to use public transport? Will we be able to work without showing our papers? Where does it stop? We must resist & stay in the fight. We need to play the game better & smarter, quick, and not allow ourselves to be played, for this is now entering the most dangerous part of the game we have ever faced in my lifetime.

What is your line in the sand?

Resist now… resist…. resist…. resist


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