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Nov 08, 2013

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“We’re doing this for your own protection.” Protesters with the Australian group BurgerOff are hearing a similar phrase from McDonald’s. The fast food giant is suing  protestors who object to the birth of a new McDonald’s restaurant near an elementary school. What’s more, Maccy D’s is saying that the lawsuit is for the protesters’ own protection. It isn’t clear what this protection is against, unless McDonald’s thinks they can protect people from good health.

Nearly 100,000 people from Australia, mostly in the town of Tecoma, have signed a petition seeking to stop McDonald’s from building there. But McDonald’s doesn’t care what the people want.

Members of the group BurgerOff, so committed to keeping Ronald and the Fry Guys out, recently flew around the world to deliver their petition to McDonald’s global headquarters near Chicago. Not only were they not given an audience with the company’s execs, but representatives refused to even touch the petition.

The battle for Tecoma has been going on for more than two years. McDonald’s wants to build one of their 24-hour drive-thrus near an elementary school, a location townspeople say would serve as a giant advertisement affecting their smallest citizens. Tecomans don’t want the restaurant there, or anywhere near them.