Jul 08, 2013

320_2013_07_07_23_46_59 Anyone who’s ever ridden on a plane knows to “place the oxygen mask on yourself before placing it on your children”, and the reasoning is valid: If the parent can’t breathe, they can’t help the baby breathe. But what if it’s, say, a Nokia cam or an iPhone in that Prada bag you grab instead of your children, when the plane bursts into flames?

That’s exactly what just happened the other day during the 777 crash. According to Forbes:

At least one man interviewed in the New York Times indicated that he grabbed his bags and then his child. In that order. All I can say is that it was very fortunate that the fire was slow to spread.

He grabbed his bags, and then he grabbed his kid? What kind of parent is that? What if you were that poor child: terrified, arms outstretched, waiting to be picked up by the one person he trusts the most ; And instead of instinctively hoisting the child up onto his hip, with soothes and pats on the head to calm him until they could exit the aircraft safely, he grabs his bags. His stuff.

628x471I was always taught growing up that human life (and especially the life of your child) is more important than any material goods. This was reflected very eloquently when many of us were teenagers, sheepishly explaining to our parents how their car ended up wiping out an old lady’s front yard (true story, really happened to me and my sister – and yes, I was driving.). Their first and last thoughts on the matter were (almost) always, “At least you’re ok. Cars can be replaced. Houses can be replaced. Things can be replaced, but you can’t.” (Followed by a hug).

If this man on this plane was any indication of where our society is headed, we’re headed for absolute disaster. When we hold things above people (especially our own children), we lose everything we are as a species. Reptiles have no problem with their baby snakes being taken away, whereas a mama bear will kill her cub and herself to save them both from a lifetime of torture and pain. There’s definitely a mammalian survival instinct being torn apart right now in the mainstream media, and this article just proves that their anti-human propaganda is starting to work on the mindless public.