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Nov 05, 2013

UFO-warning-ET-extraterrestrial-aliens-message-channeling-U.S.-WWIII-civil-war-currency-collapse-economy-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationExtremely Disturbing Message Received Tonight! (Includes Video)

Lyn Leahz | Before It’s News

I received this comment tonight on my post HERE. It seems this “Daniel” is very knowledgeable. I do believe him, but must point out, it sounds like we are also being set up for an alien Messiah, just as Tom Horn and Cris Putnam (Exo-Vaticana, Petrus Romanus) have warned us. His message is indeed very disturbing. Please check it out and take heed, because the things he says will happen are happening!

I do want to make VERY CLEAR that I feel Daniel is demon possessed or maybe he is a human hybrid. I don’t really know.  The reason I am posting this message is to debunk the whole ‘Alien Savior’ agenda that is ahead.  I want you to be aware that they will say they are our saviors, when in fact, they are demons/Antichrist. There is only one Messiah, and that is Jesus Christ (Yashua)!

It is as follows:

I have posted at Beforeitsnews under different usernames. On youtube my name can be found under allondaniel. I am 12. For five months I have been posting exactly what they are, who they are, where they come from. All I get from you adult humans are arrogant responses like “what kind of pot do I smoke”, “am I insane?” and other stupid comments.

I told you all ISON would be redirected and it was. Never in the history of astronomy has this happened. It was confirmed by Russia, China, Great Britain and then NASA. NASA redacted this the next day and added that they suspected there may be other beings in unknown craft traveling with ISON. ISON has had two ships traveling with it for three months redirecting it away from earth. This was also confirmed.

I told you all there is nothing to fear from these ships. They are here to help. You are clearly not ready for the truth even though your President Obama was suppose to disclose the truth to you-He failed in this as in most other missions. The Vatican was also suppose to make an announcement but they feel their money coffers and believers will stop believing and they will lose control over you. The fact is your ELITE have royally screwed up. ISON would have been a cataclycmic event to earth had we not intervened. Now it will not be such an event. This is why the DUMBS were built.

They planned to ride out the cataclysm while the average joe american met his death. This was not our agreement when we gave you the tunnel boring advanced technology to create your underground cities. You were suppose to allow the average man and animals entrance in to the underground cities and you did not. There is no Nibiru, no mini solar system. You can believe that if you want but they do not exist.

Your problem is you in the USA especially have a very corrupt leadership who only cares about themselves, their power and control. This will not be allowed anymore and we are here to see to it that changes are made. For many many years we have tried to deal with your adult government leadership to no avail-THEY ARE BEYOND CORRUPT AND REDEMPTION!

You have taken the technology we gave you for good purposes and turned them in to weapons you are not ready for and are using them for death. This will not be allowed any more. Your USA Government is in the process of “culling” your population.” They refer to you as “useless eaters.” We call them parasites of earth. We will not allow you to destroy our earth. We were here thousands of years before you and this will not be allowed anymore. We will now deal with your elites. Then we will groom intelligent children of earth to become the future leaders of earth.

This is what they have planned for you. There are many plans but here are the main items:

(1) Devalue the US Currency (2) Create civil war (3) create WWIII in Syria and Iran (4) Poison your major water supplies (5) Shut off your food supply (6) Quaranteen your cities so you will fight it out and terminate each other while they wait outside the cities while you fight each other for food, gas and water to survive. This will all be done in the dark as they planned on using ISON as a red herring which they planned on blaming a massive CME to knock out the grid when in fact they plan to detonate an EMP. (7) They also plan on eliminating all of the populace on the Eastern and Western Coastlines by detonating underwater tsunami nuke bombs. (This is how they came up with the future Navy Map of the USA you all like to look at so much). In addition, they planned to do the same in the Indian ocean and Pacific Ocean where all of W. Europe populations on the coast would be eliminated.(8) If that isn’t enough for you they have in their arsenal a pandemic which would finish any remaining humans leaving 5% of the world’s population still alive to carry on as their slaves.

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