Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 07, 2013

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CALIFORNIA – A massive fireball zipped through the night skies around Southern California Wednesday, causing “cars to hit their brakes and swerve,” according to at least one mesmerized witness. More than 130 people reported seeing the fireball as far north as Salt Lake City and east of Phoenix around 7:55 p.m., according to the American Meteor Society.

The AMS, which tracked the flash’s trajectory, identified the extraterrestrial stunner as part of the Southern Taurids, an annual shower which peaks in early November. The showers “usually don’t offer more than about seven meteors per hour,” according to EarthSky News. “The Taurids are, however, well known for having a high percentage of fireballs, or exceptionally bright meteors.”

One video capturing the stunning sight in Los Angeles shows a massive white ball plunging toward the Earth while giving off two large flashes, making it resemble the size of the moon. In Lake Forest, Calif., Karen M. reported to AMS, “I’ve seen what are called shooting stars, satellites, etc., this was like nothing I’ve ever seen, much closer and different.”

A preliminary trajectory of the meteor by AMS shows it having entered over the San Diego County area and flying southwest, “ending somewhere near Lake Henshaw.” The Southern Taurids are expected to last until Nov. 19, according to AMS. The Northern Taurids are similarly expected around Nov. 12 or 13.