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Apr 19, 2013

Chris and Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

article-2311653-19633F7D000005DC-563_638x621fbi-false-flag-320-x-284According to Business Insider, the FBI has known of the suspects and their extremist group affiliations for years, and obviously should’ve been tipped off beforehand that this plan was in motion.

“He was controlled by the FBI, like for three, five years,” she said. “They knew what my son was doing, they knew what actions and what sites on the Internet he was going [to], they used to come…and talk to me…they were telling me that he was really a serious leader and they were afraid of him.”

In all likelihood, the FBI was not only aware of him, they helped orchestrate the Boston Marathon bombing by using him as a patsy, while private military contractors (Craft, Incorporated) full of ex-Navy seals actually executed the plot.