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Nov 09, 2013

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By Susan Duclos

This is not just a UFO sighting, this is a mass of UFOs in the sky over Chandler Arizona on November 7, 2013, captured on film, with more than one witness, some forming triangles and some just out there with the video creater counting over 20 and then more came, so by the end there were anywhere from 30-40 of them! According to the details and what is said on the video as this unbelievable sighting was happening, a military helicopter also showed up on the scene. 

They just kept coming….. if this many unidentified, orb-like objects are coming and going at will, then it could be said we have already been invaded, which begs the question of why this isn’t being shown on every single news station throughout the country?

This is not the first time these mysterious orbs have been seen and captured on film in Arizona, yet no explanation is given to the residents of the state.

[Update] This phenomenon is being seen across America now as reported in a new article at Before It’s News