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Aug 26, 2014

beforeitsnews.com_2014-08-26_12-50-28By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

We have all seen, and many of us reported on, “FEMA Camps,” which is still considered a conspiracy theory by many, but what else do you call facilicities (not jails or prisons) where people that have not committed any crimes are locked up in, with armed guards, and not allowed to leave?

Call them whatever you like, for the purpose of this article, they will be referred to as FEMA camps and there are reports surfacing that homeless people around the country are simply disappearing, yet we know from previous reports that some cities and states have criminalized being homeless and made preparations to forcibly take them ff the streets with a choice, jail or FEMA camps….but wait, officials are not “allowed” to call them FEMA camps, according to a recent report.


“We will approach them on the street asking if they need or want help usually offering food to get their direct attention, if they come into the office it makes our jobs twice as efficient,” said the supervisor. “In most cases the decision is already made for them unless they become combative or belligerent in which case we send them in for a 72 hour psych evaluation and then transfer them while under sedation or heavy medication to the “facility.”


In the first video below by David Vose, at around the 3:08 minute mark, the discussion and news reports talking about the “mass disappearances,” starts, but the entire video is well worth watching. The second video is from May 2014 where the hacktavist group Anonymous takes up the issue of “Homeless people in the United States deported to camps.” The third and last video is the report of a whistleblower talking about the plans in L.A. to forcibly remove citizens, lock them up and it claims they plan to RFID chip them.