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AIRED: 09-15-2021

Affordable housing in outer space: Scientists develop cosmic concrete from space dust and astronaut blood. Scandalous Headlines of Republicans plan fascist rally on September 18 in Washington D.C.
Twitter LOCKS OUT Nicki Minaj after Trinidad govt denies vaccine links to ‘swollen testicles’ LIVE ON TV. Biden’s EO about Vaccinating the Unvaccinated (when it is about overvaccinating everyone. Moderna Says People Who Received its Covid Vaccine Early On Are TWICE as Likely to Get ‘Breakthrough’ Infection – Pushes Booster Shot. 351,000 “Yes” Votes Disappear from Totals in Newsom Recall Election LIVE ON CNN Immediately Following Rigged California Recall Election, Los Angeles Plans New Vaccine Mandates for Employees; Will require Proof of Vaccination for Outdoor Sporting Events and Bars. Rose McGowan is not evil and we were lied to about her. She spoke at Elder’s presser. FBI’s Complicit news and ‘Investigations’, how can we trust anything they say after they covered up our country’s Gymnast champions’ molestations by the team doctor? Potty-training cows – The MooLoo holds great pootential for reducing carbon emissions.

Blast from the past:
U.S. CDC chief says there will be no federal mandate on COVID-19 vaccine – July 2021
Effective Guided Meditation, It Works. We Would Be Remiss to Not Practice It – August 29, 2011 (Did people 50 years from now see what is going on today and decide to do a back in time guided meditation and allow for Biden to be in the White house during this time, so that Trump could be in the WhiteHouse in the upcoming upheaval? Food for thought.

We will soon have Zerilath on our show. He really impressed me with the accuracy and no BS delivery of a reading, and I think many will benefit from hearing him. An excerpt of his bio:
With my services you will receive a dual reading of Tarot and the
Runes! Tarot will tell the story, the Runes will reveal the energies at
play behind the Tarot. The Energies at play will enhance both your
innerstanding of your answer as well as inform what energies you
must use to control of your destiny.
Tarot and Rune Reading: [email protected]
Facebook: Zerilath Divinations

For the ivermectin report that Brooks was talking about:


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Staggering Start, but we jump into the news about Pelosi, Ukraine, Biden Laptop, Haiti Migrants being held at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Arizona charged with Trespassing by the Feds. Uranium deals and USGov searching for funding. THC Gummy Death and Cyberquad recall, both of which are stupidly handled. DHS police Disinfo. New Azov data wiper tries...

AIRED: 10-31-2022

A Diesel Shortage Is Spreading Across The U.S. Energy Execs Tell Granholm Shuttered U.S. Oil Refineries Won’t Restart. US citizens were given secret Covid “decree violation” scores. Down Detector Reports Major Cell Providers All Hit With Disruptions. Russia’s Recruiting Afghan Commandos. New York City ordered by court to reinstate all those fired over Covid vaccine...

AIRED: 10-26-2022

Haiti has ‘help’ read, invasion by US Forces. Ukraine in the news of course. Murfreesboro, TN has banned drag shows on city property. Biden and Dems not seeing eye to eye Ukraine. We marched through the news today. Thank you so much for supporting us in these different ways! Bitcoin: bc1qvsz0mqk0zfvpa7h2xc3aqwrc7j3p89c5tv0td5 or or use...

AIRED: 10-24-2022

US scientists create new lethal Covid variant – The lab team behind the mutant variant was accused of “playing with fire”. States Seek To Depose Fauci, Other Top Officials In Big Tech–Government Censorship Case. Thousands Of US Officials Trade Shares Of Companies They Regulate: WSJ. Booed Jill. Tennessee Walmart as customers toss cookies. TN wins...

AIRED: 10-17-2022

General Armageddon’: Who Is The Brutal Russian Commander Charged With Winning The Ukraine War? Tulsi Gabbard Leaves The Democrat Party, but, Has She Left the WEF? The World’s Longest Offshore Gas Pipeline Could Get The Green Light Next Year. In viral video, a Philly-area clinic staffer berates an expectant mother for asking for a doctor’s...

AIRED: 10-12-2022

LACP Martinez on Gascón: ‘Fuck That Guy…He’s with the Blacks.’ Kyiv, Other Ukraine Cities Hit as Putin Orders Revenge for Crimea Bridge. An American in Ukraine Finds the War He’s Been Searching For. Hungary, Serbia agree to build pipeline to ship Russian oil to Serbia. California Bites Bullet of $1.8M Per Day for Failed High-Speed...

AIRED: 10-10-2022