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AIRED: 09-14-2019

Our show was visited by two beautiful ladies today!

Marla Kelly is a sacred union and ascension guide. She combines her intuitive skills with astrology, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and reiki to assist others in healing on a multidimensional level. Her work assists others in remembering who they are on a soul level, as well as identifying core wounds and patterns that are limiting them from living their fullest life. In 2015 she started her Youtube channel and blog Twinstrology, where she shares energy and astrology updates for twin flames and light workers navigating the ascension process.

Debbie Dubois is an experienced wayshower who has made her own personal trek though the catalytic heart awakening, twin soul, ascension process into true sacred union. Over the years, she was guided to create several Facebook communities to help others on this very challenging path. Not only has she published a plethora of articles on these topics, but she also has uploaded over 130 videos to her own YouTube channel. Debbie has co-hosted and facilitated in-person and online workshops for twin flame ascension, as well as co-hosted a call-in radio show with Keleena Malnar, Vibrations of Love, and produced her own spiritual show, The Collective Awakening, currently in hiatus.

We talked about a number of things, mainly the current energy and how our journeys are affected by them. We also highlighted a great event coming at the end of the month in Niagara Falls NY Sept. 27-29th, The Sacred Union and Ascension Workshop. There are still tickets available for the fantastic event where like minded souls can see each other again and make new spiritual connections as well!

You can find out more about that event and how Marla is assisting folks by going to or

Debbies website is a plethora of information with a list of services, a blog and MUCH more…

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