Truth Frequency Radio
Oct 19, 2013

(CNN) — Waitress Nikki Pirog had seen the two women crying. The women — she presumed a mother and daughter — and a single gentleman were her only tables in a small and secluded section at the Daedalus restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

She didn’t know what had happened until the man passed her his bill with a credit card and this note: “Do me a favor and bring me their check too. Someone just got diagnosed. Don’t tell them.”


“I combined the two checks, and he paid for both,” Pirog told CNN in an e-mail. “Neither of us really spoke of what took place, as he had obviously not wanted to make a big deal out of it. He wrote me a second note on his new bill thanking me for my help, and telling me to relay the message ‘Best Wishes’ to the ladies when they were ready to leave. When the ladies were ready for the check, I told them the man near them had taken care of it, and the mother was overwhelmed with emotion, which I have to admit almost got to me too.”

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