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AIRED: 11-17-2012

1st Hour: We welcome acclaimed numerologist and master of Karate, Richard King, to the broadcast to talk about the numerology of the age we are living in, and the age we are moving into (and have been since 1957), where A Brave New World could very well be the reality if we don’t collectively wake up and claim our individual freedom and sovereignty.




2nd-3rd Hour: Alexander Defoe joins us once again after a long absence from the show, and discusses his new book, Trancendental Consciousness States, and elaborates more than he ever has on the coming “Age of the Heart”…the moving away from the egoic Manapura chakra (which is more focused on personal power and sensations of ego) and more towards the compassionate, loving Anahata chakra. Especially in the last hour, we discuss solutions to some of the more hurtful actions and comments of our fellow human beings at this time and learn to use the heart and the intellect 50/50 to achieve a beautiful sense of balance within the higher self and the timeless “mind”.


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