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Mar 14, 2015

www.theblaze.com_2015-03-14_11-30-59Chris Rosati wanted to test the butterfly effect theory — just in his own way.

The 43-year-old, who lives with ALS, has been determined to be a positive force in the world for as long as he can. He’s inspired others by giving away free donuts and performing random acts of kindness for kids.

His latest idea concerned the butterfly effect.

The theory, in short, is that a small occurrence in one corner of the world can ultimately translate into larger occurrences in unpredictable places.

Rosati was curious: “An act of kindness, how far could it go?”

Image source: CBS Evening NewsTo test his idea, the 43-year-old walked into a diner and spotted two girls sitting at a table. He gave each one of them $50 with one set of instructions: do something good with the money.

“And then we left,” he told the CBS Evening News. “And I forgot all about it.”

“Until?” reporter Steve Hartman asked.

“We got this email,” Rosati answered.

Image source: CBS Evening NewsIn the email was a message attached with photos from a village in Africa. People were holding signs that said, “Thanks a lot for spreading kindess — Chris Rosati.”

The email stunned Rosati.

“It was the butterfly effect,” he told the CBS News.

13-year-old Kate Cameron and her 10-year-old sister Anna explained what happened after Rosati first approached them in the diner.

Image source: CBS Evening News“That makes you want to do something good with that money,” Anna said.

“It inspired me,” she later added.

The two quickly moved into action and decided to do something good for a village in Sierra Leone that had recently become Ebola-free.

The girls paid for a feast to allow the small village to celebrate becoming free of the deadly virus.

Image source: CBS Evening News


Rosati was more than pleased with the result.

Now, he is taking things to another level. Rosati recently announced that he will be giving out hundreds of butterfly grants to any child who wants to change the world — $50 each.

“You get a whole lot of butterflies to flap their wings,” he told the CBS Evening News.