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Nov 17, 2013

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Police in Virginia have launched an internal investigation to determine whether officers were justified in shocking a suspect with a Taser for 42 consecutive seconds.

Lantz Day, 36, was a passenger in a car that damaged five parked vehicles as it sped through downtown Fredericksburg on Saturday night, according to

The driver of the gray Buick fled the scene, but Day couldn’t get away.

Police questioned Day when they arrived at the scene. Investigators said that Day became belligerent and threatened officers, according to NBC Washington.

In raw video captured by a bystander, the suspect appears to bolt as he is being interviewed by an officer, who then attempts to bring Day down with a Taser.

The tactic works, but it soon turns brutal. Day screams in pain, at one point yelling “Stop it! Stop,” as he is shocked for 42 straight seconds.

The characteristic clicking noise from the Taser can be heard in the video starting at 17 seconds, and continuing until 59 seconds.

The Fredericksburg police policy on the use of force states that “any encounter where the use of force becomes necessary, only reasonable force will be used. Under no circumstances will force used be greater than necessary to achieve lawful objectives.”

However, it also notes that “officers need not select the least amount of force that can be used, but must select a level of force that is reasonable for the given circumstances.”

An investigation will determine whether police actions were excessive or reasonable, given the scenario. According to WJLA, Day was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. He was released on $3,500 bond.

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