Truth Frequency Radio

May 02, 2013

by Chris and Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

shotsfire33dBREAKING UPDATE 5:10PM EST: ABC Local news has just announced LIVE that the suspect was NOT carrying a military-style assault rifle, as previously stated by both police and media officials. Now they are saying he only had a pistol.

A so-far unidentified man has shot himself in the middle of the airport, Houston authorities said. He allegedly “walked into the ticket area inside of Terminal B and fired at least two shots into the air with an AR-15 rifle”, according to an HPD captain and witnesses. An air marshal then fired at the suspect, but missed. The man then pulled out a pistol and shot himself, the captain said. The witnesses have not yet said that he shot himself, and although the suspect was taken to the hospital via ambulance, HPD has already stated that he was dead before they even got there.

Another inconsistency going around is Fox News’ report of him shooting himself with the AR-15, and not the pistol. We believe the police may have shot the individual, but we’re not coming to any conclusions yet.

According to USA Today, “As of 3:10 p.m. ET, the Federal Aviation Administration had issued a “ground stop” for flights bound for Houston Bush Intercontinental, citing “security” as the reason.”
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