Truth Frequency Radio

Mar 22, 2013

by Chris and Sheree Geo

In the wake of new information indicating that James Holmes (the alleged “Aurora shooter”) will be given “truth serum” in order to extract a confession or other information regarding the shooting, it is interesting to note how the mainstream media is “handling” these mass shootings in general: With blatant contempt for the freedom-lover, and utter disdain for the U.S. Constitution.

It’s almost too easy to see the agenda, here: The UN Arms Trade Treaty demands that the U.S. disarm its’ public before the economy collapses fully. The Obama Administration already signed off on it,  John Kerry approves of it, too, and Joe Biden’s waiting for it like a kid waiting for Santa Claus. According to

“Under the guise of adopting what it deems to be ‘appropriate measures,’ an Administration could restrict imports by redefining what qualifies as a ‘sporting’ firearm — the definition of which is left completely to the discretion of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives,” Heritage reports.

The ATT, Heritage warns, “could create a national registry (initially) limited to imported firearms. It could impose new requirements on importers of firearms, or parts and components of firearms, for example, by requiring them to provide the identity of the final end user.. .”

So, when you have an international treaty you just signed, and the public is opposing the new restrictions (or even a mention of them), what do you do? You leave it up to the media, of course! Once a mass shooting event occurs, they can be counted on to hype up the emotional rollercoaster and keep the audience worried about it, (while carefully inserting anti-gun propaganda), giving the families (and so-called “families”, but that’s another article altogether) affected by these tragedies – and the audience at home – no rest or time to digest what is going on.

Case in point: CBS News, last night, interviewing “family members” of those lost in the Newtown shooting:

Apparently, the point of this piece is two-fold, one being apparent, the other occult. First point: “We should lovingly accept and forgive the people whose kids shot our kids” (A relatively innocuous point). Occult meaning:”This tragedy wouldn’t have happened if mentally-ill kids were dealt with properly”.

Hyping up the mental illness factor in mass shootings has been one of the major goals of this particular Project Bluebird-like program. Unfortunately, as admitted in Medicine Net today,

Specifically, people who read a news story describing a mass shooting were more likely than those who did not read such an article to support gun restrictions for people with serious mental illness, and for a ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines.

“The aftermath of mass shootings is often viewed as a window of opportunity to garner support for policies to reduce gun violence, and this study finds public support for such policies increases after reading news stories about a mass shooting,” study lead author Emma McGinty, a doctoral candidate with the Center for Gun Policy and Research at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, said in a Hopkins news release.

“However, we also found that the public’s negative attitudes toward persons with serious mental illness are exacerbated by news media accounts of mass shootings involving a shooter with mental illness,” she added.

This article came on the heels of the latest episode of Morning Joe, which is one of the most brilliant pieces of anti-gun propaganda I’ve seen in a while because it combines many different Bernays techniques and even allows for temporary “devil’s advocate” dialogue that tricks the viewer into thinking they’re actually witnessing a debate, instead of being programmed:

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These agents of reason are largely bereft of emotion, moderate in temperament, and speak or write in an unsurprisingly formulaic tone. The narratives they relate and play out present tragedy with the expectation of certain closure. And with a century of commercial media programming the mass mind has come to not only accept but anticipate such regulation and control under the regime of institutionally-sanctioned expertise.

The selection and arrangement of experts by corporate media guarantees a continued monopoly on “truth,” particularly when presented to an uninquisitive and politically dormant public. Yet this phenomenon extends to ostensibly more trustworthy media outlets such as public broadcasting, where a heightened utilization of credentialed expertise is required to ensure the consensus of those who perceive themselves as more refined than the Average Joe.

This preservation of what passes for reason and truth cannot be sustained without a frequent dialectical struggle with unreason and falsity. Since many individuals have unconsciously placed their genuine reasoning faculties in abeyance and often lack a valid knowledge of politics and history, their unspoken faith in government and the broader political economy to protect and further their interests is groundless. Against this milieu those genuinely capable of utilizing their reasoning capacities in the pursuit of truth are often held up as heretical for their failure to accept what is presented as reality, with the requisite “conspiracy theory” label wielded in Orwellian fashion to denote such abnormal intellectual activity.

– James F. Tracy, Global Research

After the media gets settled in with the programming, it’s Congress’s turn: Read this report the Congressional Research Service just put out a few days ago. This whole gun control issue is so stupid, so contrived, that even the CRS admits:

“It is important to caution the reader that, while tragic and shocking, public mass shootings account for few of the murders related to firearms that occur annually in the United States. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, the Bureau), in 2011, firearms were used to murder 8,583 people.”

The CRS report reviews a variety of remedial policy steps that could conceivably be taken to address public mass shootings.

But in a remarkable and telling omission, the report foregoes any discussion of potential restrictions on gun ownership or possession.  “This report does not discuss gun control and does not systematically address the broader issue of gun violence,” the report states in italics. See Public Mass Shootings in the United States: Selected Policy Implications, March 18, 2013.

Once everything is added up, it amounts to something very big happening to our country very soon. Once the public is disarmed (or mostly disarmed), the UN troops will do to the U.S. what the U.S. has been doing to other countries through NATO and the CIA for decades, and what invading armies always did to empires at their fall: rape, pillage, slash, and burn.