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AIRED: 01-06-2018

tonight was another great addition to the list of mind blowing shows that are action packed with so much information that two hours goes sooo fast!!! Maria was kind to stay up late with us where she lives in Avery, to be live here on Eye of Ra!! In the 1st segment Ra discusses his interesting encounter in the astral realms with the being called Enki / Baal / or even Semjaza……a must listen..for the rest of the show Ra and tonights guest Maria Wheatley go deep down the spiral of occult and Star knowledge as they discuss the Magickal Stonehenge , Giants, Druids, lei lines, Dragon energy, and the mysterious groups of elongated skull beings that have existed in and around this Sacred site. An enchanting conversation to say the least…unlock the ancient mysteries inside of you as you go deep into the Eye of Ra!!!!

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