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AIRED: 05-09-2017

Do you get the feeling that we are all in an enclosed space? Does it feel like we are slowing coming to the boil, like the noted frog? Today Luckee and Star covers the headlines first: The Constitutional Lighter. White House considering Cindy McCain for State Dept. 900 suspected pedophiles arrested as ‘darknet’ child porn kingpin jailed for 30yrs – Codename: Operation Pacifier. Over 7,000 Bodies May Be Buried Beneath Mississippi University. New research shows illegal levels of arsenic found in baby foods in the UK. The liver increases by half during the day. Physicists breeding Schroedinger cat states. Cannon rehab facilities CLOSED. Scientology facilities have been closed after a man alleged he was held against his will. This Awesome Periodic Table Tells You How to Actually Use All Those Elements. UK Government Planning to Ban Encryption, Spy on All Communications in Real Time. More on Big Brother in the UK!

Our guests today brought to our awareness the significant intrusive harm the electronic frequencies that we cannot escape from are doing to our minds and bodies, and perhaps our souls. Jimmy Gene, host of TFR’s Into The Microcosm, explained how the 900mhz range that your homes smart meter broadcasts from is enough to cook you so the military bought out that particular frequency from NexTel when they lost it with the AT&T merger. Elana Freeland, author of ‘Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth’, explained how the metals in the chem-trails are heating up and ionizing our upper atmosphere and the military has weaponed it. We cannot escape the frequencies we are being bombarded with inside and out but there is a way to stay healthy despite it all. Learn how …

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