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AIRED: 12-27-2016

Star and Luckee cover the news and clear up some of the stories circulating, like, Police seek Amazon Echo data in murder case, The company declined to do so, but the case raises bigger questions about IoT privacy. On Setting the Record Straight, we covered exactly WHY Law Enforcement was given a search warrant for Weiner’s laptop, and that Podesta’s phone was not hacked he was phished. Podesta GAVE that password to the ‘hacker’. Then we covered the disinfo going around that alternative media are echoing each other about Countering Information Warfare Act being sneakily passed by Obama. I covered that it WAS NOT passed by Obama or the Senate, or Congress at all. The thing that was passed was the NDAA. I read it. Trumpocalypse? Suddenly Liberals Are The Ones Stockpiling Food, Guns And Emergency Supplies. SWAT teams dispatched, families flee from ‘gunfire’ and dozens are arrested… all for the sake of a few holiday bargains: Massive brawls break out as shoppers descend on malls across the country. The Antarctic ice shelves melting and is this really bad news? We discuss the science of ice melting on our southern pole. In other earth weather news Alaska has on the Aluetian Islands a volcano that is spewing and ash cloud. Sun/Earth Ascend in Milky Way and New location-New frequency. Police seek Amazon Echo data in murder case, The company declined to do so, but the case raises bigger questions about IoT privacy. Carrie Fisher passing and Lily Tomlin not. CAIR head showing disgusting behavior on Twitter and The nuclear exchange between Pakistan and Israel.

It was an informative show. Listen in.

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