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AIRED: 09-20-2016

We covered the #GasShortage caused by the Colonial Pipeline’s leak, Pay Disparity based on Gender, The War on Boys, The War on Cash, Who Daddy Bush Is Going To Vote For, The Alaska Airlines Flight that had to do an emergency landing. Star covered the report from Suspicious Observers. Shane Virtue called in and discussed Citizenship versus U.S. National status and he also told about the Vatican is supposed to release millions worth of gold to donate for humanitarian purposes. Our guest, in the 2nd Hour, Brooks Agnew discusses not only the real problems with our country, but also good solutions for it. He also talks about the principles that are in his books that everyone can use for their lives. Listen in and hear from one of the greatest minds in our country.


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AIRED: 03-25-2020

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AIRED: 03-23-2020

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AIRED: 03-18-2020

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AIRED: 03-16-2020

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AIRED: 03-09-2020

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AIRED: 03-02-2020