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AIRED: 06-28-2016

We covered Nature deficit disorder, Forest Kindergarten, Warren Buffett, Hillary Clinton, Ng Lap Seng and the late UN official John Ashe, and how BARBELL FELL ON HIS NECK, SOROS, Brexit an demand for Irish passports, and Israel’s loss with the Brexit. and the money going HILLARY’S STATE DEPT, The Gulf War Syndrome Plot, We also covered the EU being a CIA operation, Virginia Passes Industrial Hemp Bill. Covered hemp vs cannabis and male vs female in both breeds. Star the Oracle joins in on the 3rd segment and we talk about intuition and the voice of intuition, and how to ground yourself, we had mischief makers in the chat room but it was all in fun. We took questions from the chat room.


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JPMorgan Gold Traders Found Guilty in Chicago Spoofing Trial. New Ooga Booga around the corner to keep the headlines full of FUD and one of the tools they will use to keep people from voting. UN’s Digital World Brain Seeks To Track Everything And Everyone. All Our Patent Are Belong To You. Judge who approved...

AIRED: 08-10-2022

Just in: Jackie Walorski (R-Indiana) and two staff members were killed in northern Indiana. Pence is from Indiana. Walorski voted against impeaching Trump. 42 Policy Proposals Donald Trump Outlined at America First Summit in D.C. Armageddon Looms for the Democrat Party. Selco: You Know the SHTF Has Started When People Begin To Lose Their Guns....

AIRED: 08-03-2022

Brooks and Luckee covers the news in the first hour with some words to the wise. In the second hour, Luckee welcomes back Steve Zerilath of TriGenesis. Steve speaks extensively about the hidden culture of Tartaria. How does Steampunk relate. What era did Tartaria take place in. The notes can be found in the architecture....

AIRED: 07-20-2022

Ukraine war: Zelensky suspends security chief and top prosecutor. Russian military given new priority in Ukraine. Hungary has ‘military plans’ for Ukraine minister. Tony Blair says Era of Western dominance ending. Joe Biden Risks Impeachment if Democrats Lose Both House and Senate. Coral Princess Cruise ship, COVID-19 outbreak may foreshadow what happens on land in...

AIRED: 07-18-2022