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AIRED: 05-11-2014

www.ailaspeaks.com_2014-05-11_17-43-36First Hour: We welcome author and nurse speaker Aila Accad to the broadcast. Her book, Call of the Soul, focuses on helping people achieve a healthy balance between ego and soul.

website: www.ailaspeaks.com


http://livinghistory.gatech.edu/new/interviews/images/interview/okon853.jpg2nd-3rd Hour: Groundbreaking archaeologist and acclaimed author James O’Kon joins us to talk about his work in uncovering The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology. This amazing book tells us how technologically and spiritually advanced these so-called “stone-age peoples” really were, and blows the lid off of conventional/sanctioned archaeology.

website: www.theoldexplorer.com

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