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Oct 31, 2013


AFP Photo / Eitan Abramovich


Natural Society

Your continued activism is continuously paying off, with GMO bans growing nationally and around the world. Los Angeles, California is certainly doing their utmost to be one of the first, and largest non-GMO zones in the US. Following the lead of its neighbor across the border, Mexico, and its recent ban on GMOs, LA is now considering a city-wide ban to curb the growth and proliferation of GMO seeds within its borders. While the ban would not include the sale of food containing GMO, it would protect local gardens and city-grown (local) food from being contaminated with GMO seed crops.

Paul Koretz, Los Angeles City Councilman and Mitch O’Farrell introduced the motion last Friday, and there is wide spread support for its continuance.

Most of the GMO seed that is in LA is in Big Ag farms, large-scale, multiple acre crops – not in small farms or local gardens. But Los Angeles people want to protect their gardens and family farms from GMO cross-pollinization.