EXTENDED BROADCAST: GLOBAL RESISTANCE, London Riots, Demonic Possession and Secret Societies w/ Christopher Everard & Max Igan >>


AIRED: 08-13-2011


This evening we call out to Zeitgeist, Greenpeace, We Are Change, The Truth Movement and everyone else who is fed up with the state of the world and ready to form a GLOBAL RESISTANCE against tyranny and injustice.

Hour 1: We are joined by special guest Max Igan to enlighten us about the energy shift we are all experiencing, how it is affecting is both positively and negatively and offer words of advice on how we can push through it.

Hours 2, 3, 4:  Christopher Everard of Enigma TV joins us to officially announce his new show on Oracle Broadcasting and discuss the London Riots, the manipulation of the middle class by the ruling elite, call to arms the people of the world and Freemasonry in the Truth Movement.Special thanks to Sophie who injected positive energy into the broadcast with her insightful and enlightening poetry. We plan to have her on weekly to balance out the dark energies we must emerge ourselves in when dealing with the type of information presented on these broadcasts.

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