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Jul 18, 2014

The Blaze

A local news reporter left some gawkers in awkward positions this week when he surprised them with a series of very personal questions.

WGN-TV reporter Pat Tomasulo, who is also a comedian, hit the streets of Chicago to frame the unsuspecting individuals.

“Hey everybody, we are on live with [inaudible] who is the president of the under four-inches club. Tell us a little about the club,” Tomasulo said to introduce one unsuspecting man.

“It’s the latest beauty trend that’s sweeping the nation — we are talking about going Euro, women who don’t shave any of their body hair and you guys have been practicing that for a while,” Tomasulo said, surprising another pair of gawkers.

“It used to be very hard to find that special someone, until apps like Tinder came along, but you guys say you are just on there for the straight sex,” he told two girls, stunning them.

“What?!” one of the girls replied.