AIRED: 02-27-2022

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED. Live from Donbass, Russell Bentley delivers forthright warnings of Live Fighting from the frontlines inside the break away Donetsk Republic of Ukraine. This is an eye opening interview. Russell has been fighting alongside separatists in Donetsk since 2014, and freely declares his support for the Russian government. There’s a lot of surprising disclosures that you won’t hear anywhere else. Very importantly, we discuss historical relationships in the region, including the history of neo-Nazis and corruption in Ukraine that Bentley insists has permanently and irrevocably alienated Separatists. I highly recommend watching “37 Days” a BRILLIANT mini-series drama of the 37 days between the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Belgrade up the opening salvos of World War 1, for better understanding of the region’s history. The conclusion is unmistakable– Fighting in Ukraine could become a full out “hot war” in Europe, as Bentley insists President Putin is ready to take the fighting ALL the way across Europe to the British Channel. Many thanks to Luckee for arranging the interviewing and co-hosting with me!!

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AIRED: 10-30-2022