Truth Frequency Radio
Dec 03, 2013

comet-ISON-trajectory-sun-changes-earth-impact-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationThis newly released video from Logan Runnin’new channel shares a report from Lisbon Observatory in which they amazingly predicted much of what Comet ISON has done in the past two days while NASA floundered. This video provides a very interesting outlook for what comes next after merely a 2 degree change of ISON’s trajectory if Lisbon’s model is correct. The 2nd video below showed ISON’s original orbit through the solar system prior to its rendevouz with the sun.

The observatory of Lisbon has leaked important information about comet ison.

They claim that fragments of Comet ison will hit earth in december, this based in emulations performed using supercomputer ‘Tiger 2′ and a propietary model.

They claim that the when the comet enter the atmosphere of the sun the ice will change state abruptely, turning into a propellant, changing the trajectory of the comet.

They claim that the fragments of the comet will spread in the shape of a cone with a base diameter of 300.000 kms , that is the distance of from the earth to the moon.

they claim that the comet after crossing the sun will be higly fragmented, fragments ranging from a football to the size of a ship.

they say that the propulsion of the ice will change the trajectory of the fragments, causing a shower of cometary fragments that will hit Earth in december.