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AIRED: 07-06-2019

July Energy Update! As the fourth dimension begins to “seal” the third dimensional energy into a cocoon like experience, the blending of these two energies is expanding…rapidly! The collapse of the fourth dimension has now become tied to the third dimensional experience and that energy has expanded out to the about mid-point of the fourth dimension. This is a critical mass moment and is the reason the #LineageHolder energy has activated!

Most of those reaching to expand beyond the fourth dimension are actually entrapped in this force-field created by the PULL of the third dimension and the Collapse of the fourth. This energy is what entraps! When the entrapment is this strong you are UNABLE TO BE AWARE OF THE TRAP.

You can not negotiate through the delusion/illusion. The only way to be free is to LIFT THROUGH this energy – to become clear about what is happening and FREE YOURSELF. Discover how Honesty Heals and Running Ignites! (cycles)

The Fifth dimension opens the portal of compassion. The ability to honestly see that which is happening from the energy of the Witnesser. The Witnesser has the wider view and sees that which is hidden through the eyes of density

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How is the Uplevel Illumination of the Mercury Retrograde treating you so far? Are YOU Ready to create the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS with the SUPPORT of the UNIVERSE? WE ARE! ….And we know that you are too! TODAY we dive into the energetic GATEWAY that is OPEN and INVITING YOU TO CO-CREATE at a...

AIRED: 02-22-2020

YES, your Mastery is expanding! You are in the middle of yet another jet-propelled EXPANSION and the Profound Shift energy of February in combination with the CHOICE energy it carries will begin to CLEARLY REVEAL EVEN MORE this coming week! You are ready for this moment and can EASILY THRIVE through the energy if you...

AIRED: 02-15-2020

UP-LEVEL and LOVE are the energies EXPANDING THIS WEEK! Together they call forward REVELATION through the full moon Ascension of THIS VERY MOMENT. LOVE is the over-riding energy of this particular Full Moon Ascension and it amplifies the RADIANCE of February. This invites both Clarity & VISION MANIFESTATION into greater connection! Ready to SEE your...

AIRED: 02-08-2020

WEEKLY ASCENSION ENERGY UPDATES. February RADIANCE Illuminates the Illumination! The month ahead is one that will be Intensely Radiant! Fast paced and FILLED WITH EXTREME ABUNDANCE, the Energy of Ascension UP-LEVEL MASTERY is EXPANDING! The Uplevel energy is moving with GREATER PACE and the IGNITION of the Unification of REMEBRANCE heightens Lunar, Solar and Mercury...

AIRED: 02-01-2020

TODAY! January 25, 2020 a” PEAK” Ascension Up-Level ENERGY IGNITION! Friday evening, January 24 opened the portal of the ILLUMINATED new moon, a void of creation that welcomes those with open eyes! This energy is in Sacred Union with TODAY, January 25, as the Illuminated new moon begins its gentle waxing with the glimmer of...

AIRED: 01-25-2020

The year 2020 has brought forward power and flow that can be received as a wave of support…or…a weight that causes one to retreat! Are you ready to be honest with yourself? Have you re-visited your dreams? This is a year of empowerment – what are you empowering? Expanding your personal mission or expanding your...

AIRED: 01-18-2020