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AIRED: 04-27-2021

Questions. Kinda our wheelhouse here at IRM. Lots of them, with so few answers. But the questions DO get better with… reflection! AHA!! Is the moon a reflection of the Earth Plane up onto the oscillating piezoelectric firmament? We reflect on the floating white object called Moon, looking for its ON/OFF switch, peering through its shimmer to see…well, MORE, of course!

–Would you like seconds? Do you HAVE a second? A second to look at the Second Sun? Paul Cox from SLOOH does. Did. Do.
–Medusa up to her old tricks? OR flash-frozen insta-crete? 3D printing? Those statues tho!
–Are we the music makers? Was Willy?
–Daz calls in! Snags the Sun AND the Moon!
–Thanx to Alison for the show title.
–The Full Snunder!


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AIRED: 06-28-2022

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AIRED: 06-24-2022

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AIRED: 06-21-2022

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AIRED: 06-14-2022

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AIRED: 06-10-2022