AIRED: 01-26-2020

Today’s guest, Al Fatah breaks down the hypocrisy and corruption of Western interference in the post-Gadhaffi government, which is propelling Libya rapidly into full-scale civil war. As Al Fatah explains, trouble has manifested because Libyans demand the right to hold elections— and the right to elect secular leaders. Meanwhile, the United Nations and European Union are cowering to threats from Turkish President Erdogan, who is propping up the puppet Muslim Brotherhood Government in Tripoli, which got DEFEATED in elections back in 2014, but refused to give up power. Ever since, Al Fatah explains the Muslim Brotherhood has funneled Libya’s oil wealth to various European delegates, who protect their ILLEGITIMATE governance of Libya . According to Al Fatah, this short-sighted hypocrisy was on full display last week when Libyans got shut out of their own nation’s Peace Talks in Berlin, in favor of closed door meetings between Russia, Germany, Secretary Pompeo and Turkish President Erdogan. Thank God Europe, Russia and the United States demanded that Turkey must abandoned its planned invasion of Libya. But the opportunity was lost to confront the DEFEATED Muslim Brotherhood with the ELECTED House of Representatives’ wholly reasonable demand for New Elections. In response, Libya’s Tribal families have shut down oil production int he country to stop the Muslim Brotherhood from stealing oil wealth to finance Islamic militias. The whole dynamic could change— and peace could be achieved— If Italy decides to support the elected House of Representatives over the Misrata Militias in the Port town where Italian Oil producer ENI is shipping Libya’s oil, Will the oil production shut down wake up Italy?? What a Mess!

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AIRED: 01-17-2021

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AIRED: 01-10-2021

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AIRED: 01-03-2021

Friends, America has got to fight for our Constitution TODAY. Most important, all of us need to email State Legislators & demand they strike fraudulent votes & recertify their elections with correct results. THREE States will carry Trump over the top. ARIZONA GEORGIA PENN

AIRED: 12-27-2020

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AIRED: 12-20-2020

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AIRED: 12-13-2020