AIRED: 04-19-2020

One of the world’s most dangerous hotspots – Libya– is getting hotter by the day, explosively so, while Coronavirus sucks up the airwaves. Today’s guest, “Al Fatah” details the latest on Turkey’s invasion of Libya. She provides a critical backdrop on the Muslim Brotherhood government in Tripoli , and its civil war financed by Turkey and Qatar against the elected Libyan people’s government in Tobruk. Al Fatah, a courageous Libyan woman who travels between Europe and her home country, is forced to hide her identity to protect against terrorist reprisals by ISIS jihadists transported by President Erdogan from Syria’s killing fields into Libya. Beheadings are becoming common place. Al Fatah brings clarity on a score of points. She denies that Libya seeks foreign military assistance from Russia or the United States. She reads an important statement drafted yesterday by the Libyan House of Representatives in Tobruk denouncing Turkey’s attacks on Sabratha. And we talk about Europe’s piracy of Libya’s oil reserves, gold bullion and skuldiuggery against Libya’s sovereignty. Al Fatah is a brilliant source of intelligence. Once you hear Libya’s story from the mouth of this Libyan woman, you will be shocked by globalist scheming.

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AIRED: 04-10-2022

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