AIRED: 03-10-2019

There’s new strength and resolve coming out of Libya these days. Today’s guest, Miriam Al Fatah describes a crack in the the tyranny of power by the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS jihadists. There’s still two governments in Tripoli, backed by the United Nations, and Tobruk, elected by the Libyan people. But the power base has shifted decisively against the European-backed outsiders who flocked back to Libya after the fall of Gadhaffi, who tried to incorporate Muslim Brotherhood preachings in London and France onto the Libyan people. That experiment is dead in all but name. Saif al Islam, the son of Gadhaffi, is running for President with 70 percent support of Libyan voters. We discuss the fall of ISIS in Syria. Will the Jihadists get deported to Libya?? NEVER LIBYA, says Miriam. Her spirited response shows Libya’s beleaguered people hold the strength to stop them. It’s GAME ON for Global Control of Libya’s Oil. Saif al Islam will bring stability and an offering of peace. A word to the CIA: Libyans are demanding Free elections. The West is fighting for the Muslim Brotherhood at its own peril Libya’s voters have already cast their hearts: Radical Islam is DONE.

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