AIRED: 12-29-2019

It’s five minutes to midnight in Tripoli. Today’s guest, Al Fatah is a Libyan woman who got out of Mitiga/Mataika Airport last night just hours before it closed because of military bombardment. We discuss President Erdogan’s call for the Turkish Parliament to vote on sending Turkish soldiers into Libya to prop up the collapsing Muslim Brotherhood government backed by the United Nations. However, in advance of that vote, according to Al Fatah, notorious terrorist and former Guantanamo inmate BelHaj is already flying hundreds of radical Jihadists from Istanbul to Misrata on three flights daily, paid by Erdogan’s government. Erdogan is paying salaries of 2,000 Euros to Jihadists and promising 35,000 Euros to the families of those who die in the coming war. By supplying heavy weapons and jihadists, Turkey is violating the United Nations weapons embargo, which would justify President Trump imposing sanctions on Turkey like those threatened when Erdogan deployed soldiers into Syria. Libya’s UN backed President Al Siraj, who supports the Muslim Brotherhood, has sought refuge in London. Al Fatah says Erdogan is moving rapidly to fire up Islamic fundamentalists in Tunisia and Egypt preparing for an extended overthrow of those secular governments. Egypt and Cyprus have launched counter-bombardments fighting to hold Erdogan back. Meanwhile Libya’s elected government in Tobruk, called the House of Representatives has launched a Libyan National Army headed by General Haftar. Contrary to western media propaganda, Al Fatah insists General Haftar supports elections as quickly as possible. In other words, a positive outcome could still be possible if the United States stops Erdogan in his tracks. We talk about policy options for the United States, such as REVOKING RECOGNITION of the Muslim Brotherhood Government in Tripoli and IMPOSING SANCTIONS ON TURKEY for violating the weapons embargo, until Turkey withdraws all its soldiers. Libyans want Elections and the power to chart their own future. They don’t want any foreign boots on the ground, though Al Fatah declared military advisers from the United States would be highly welcome to stop ISIS from regrouping. That’s how dangerous and volatile the situation has become. Stay tuned!
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