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Jul 09, 2014’s note: In 2011, the Icelandic volcano eruption caused widespread air traffic problems, as well as climatic shifts throughout Western Europe. Since the U.S. National Guard was heavily involved in the evacuations and remediation of that volcanic eruption, did Tom Lupshu simply cut the training video applicable to that event and use it as a fearmongering tool by saying it was Yellowstone that they were preparing for? You decide!

(Before It’s News)

In this newly released video report from Before It’s News friend Tom Lupshu, we’re shown a brief clip of what Tom shares is a leaked video showing the National Guard preparing for a Yellowstone ‘event’. Tom shares with us that this is a warning video…since they are preparing for this incident and it’s aftermath, we should also be. for an event of the magnitude of a Yellowstone eruption would require us to stock up on as much food and water as possible and to make sure that we are armed. Though Tom warns this will not be easy to survive, with a plan, a clear head and a fearless attitude, we can prevail. Visit Tom’s Bunker Report facebook page here.