Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Aug 09, 2013

AUSTIN – A document has been leaked describing terrorist attacks in Austin, Texas and Pasadena, California slated for either August 9th or August 29th. The document, which has been censored by mainstream media, alerts Law Enforcement to the potential of Boston Marathon-style backpack attacks on 6th street. Last year, the US State Department issued a warning that Al-Qaeda is plotting to set ablaze national forests. Could the wildfires in Pasadena, CA be part of this terror threat?

We stumbled across this document earlier this week but have been unable to verify the authenticity, and therefore were reluctant to report on it. However, local mainstream media outlets have begun covering the story, leading us to believe that this is either a genuine document, or that the information was leaked with intent. I’m led to believe we’re dealing with both cases, and the purpose is to create more fear and panic within the American people.

As we know, FEMA and the Department of Homeland security regularly runs drills, so many in fact that it’s difficult to point out which one will go live. However, in any event, a drill is either being run in the exact same location, or the exact same situation is being run in a different location.

Considering this information was released after we formulated the hypothesis that a false flag is set for the Denver International Airport, it’s becoming more probable that we will end the summer with a big “bang” of natural disasters, terror attacks and possible (real or staged) pandemics. This conclusion is based on the conversation I had with our FEMA insider who disclosed that FEMA is preparing for a wide range of events from forest fires, meteors, nuclear disasters, earthquakes, flooding and attacks on international airports.

As you can tell by the leaked document, an attack on the Austin International Airport is planned as the “grand finale”. However, I’m still convinced that the attack on an international airport will be in another location, possibly the Denver International Airport.

As new information comes in, my mind is now leaning towards either explosions at DIA or a medical emergency. Either situation would prompt public evacuation of the Denver International Airport, which I’m starting to believe is the next step in the grand agenda. An evacuation drill of the Denver International Airport was executed on June 5, 2013.

Please see the document below and come to your own conclusions.