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Jun 28, 2013

by Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

20130410dS_ImmigrationRally_DC_13-David-Sachs-602x399Regardless of how I personally feel about the issue of illegal immigration, it has become enough of an issue to warrant an article. The recent “Immigration Bill” passed by a vote of 68-32 in the House includes plans to tax the average American citizen to pay for a biometric database for all Americans, and envisions a “700-mile-long border fence”, as well as 18,000 extra border patrol agents.

Now, this part makes me laugh a bit:

…leaders of, the nation’s largest online Latino advocacy organization, now oppose the bill altogether, saying in a statement they could not “in good conscience” stand by the measure if it is also “guaranteed to increase death and destruction through increased militarization of the border.”
Well, it seems like they’re perfectly fine with their path to citizenship and their food stamps and their free health care, what are they complaining about?

amaL_deesThe sad thing is, this issue isn’t even about the immigrants. This is what Obama calls the “new slaves”, these are the ones who will cower to the system because compared to where they could be (living in squalor in a cardboard box with a dirt floor), a tiny apartment with heat and AC eating government cheese is perfectly fine by them.

In the past several years, we’ve seen a concerted effort to not only dumb down the population, but actually “class down” the population, as well. 70% of us are on some kind of prescription drug, plastic silverware at restaurants is now the norm, and it’s becoming more acceptable to have just “checked out” mentally at work altogether, or be out of a job altogether (and be okay with it). The standard of living has become obscene, and it’s no surprise that shows like “Hoarders” and “Intervention” do so damned well. A good percentage of the viewers probably have drug or hoarding issues themselves, and actually enjoy seeing someone do worse in life than they are, so that they feel better about their situation. But I digress…

Regarding the employment situation if the Immigration Bill makes it to Obama’s desk:

It would also increase the number of visas for high-skilled and agricultural workers, and give more weight to educational and employment factors in granting visas.
So, essentially, this means that the military industrial complex working through university research grants can more easily get foreign students to come and stay here, rather than go to work for, say, the Iranians or the Russians. It’s a good idea in theory, but highlights the dumbing down of our own country to the point that we have to “hire out” for brains.
Even more sinister is the possibility that they not only want to make you pay for the immigrants, they want you to give up your jobs to them, as well. As shtfplan writer Mac Slavo notes:
coupled with Obamacare the immigration bill gives employers absolutely no incentive to hire Americans. In fact, it punishes them for doing so by mandating company sponsored medical coverage or forcing them to pay a tax for failure to provide their employees with healthcare.
By hiring a provisional immigrant, they can avoid those taxes for up to thirteen years.
Businesses across the country are barely staying afloat and Congress will leave them no choice but to lay off employees who will cost them more money under the new healthcare mandates.

Here’s what Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) said about the immigration bill:

“From Day One, the country was misled about what was in the bill,” said Senator Lee. “The talking points never matched the reality of what was in the bill.”
“We were told that if we didn’t like what was in it, we could fix it,” he said.  “But that wasn’t true either.  During the committee ‘mark up,’ Democrats and the Gang of Eight Republicans voted as a bloc to defeat virtually all substantive amendments proposed to improve the bill.”
“They said there would be regular order on the floor.  But that turned out to be a false promise as well,” said Lee. He then noted that the bill was 1,200 pages long but only 10 votes on amendments were allowed and the regular order was shut down.

0626-mexico-US-immigration-bill_full_600He also believes in a biometric database, which brings me to my next point: The Republicans – as per usual – are whoring out for immigration reform as long as they approve the biometric database (Big Brother) and “beefing up border security” with the modern-day version of the Great Wall of China, with gun turrets all along the top of it.
To all the conservative republicans out there: they are NOT WORKING FOR YOU. They have come to the solemn realization that opposing the immigration thing just isn’t going to work. The people of this country are on the chopping block (of all classes and races), and they are allowing it because it will militarize the border (only to be spread inward, such as the “100-mile border checkpoints” put in place several years ago) and create the coveted biometric database under the auspices of “fighting terror”. (The DNA database was established long ago, and already has your child’s blood in it – Oh, you didn’t know?)

Indeed, they even wailed at the immigration hearings, “They’re not being tracked!!!” I am of the belief that no one needs to be tracked, or traced, or spied on, or analyzed, or databased. Human beings are not cattle.
In light of the Orwellian measures introduced by both political sides on this issue, the mainstream media has been constantly distracting the public with bread and circuses like the abortion bill fiasco in Texas, or the same-sex marriage issue, whose state is the smartest, or the George Zimmerman trial, or Paula Deen, or that stupid pregnant celebrity smoking.
And if my facebook and twitter friends’ posts are any indication, it’s working splendidly.