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AIRED: 10-21-2022

Even though we do, as the title says, suffer from said sad state, the symptoms do NOT include a lack of GUESTS. While Zack, and a good portion of our audience, are enjoying themselves a whole lot at Flatoberfest, we are joined by many good folks today! First, at bat, Andrew B! A friend we found on Rokfin, we tried to have him with us before, but we finally can hear him this time. Next, we are joined by Zombie Snoop, with a plan for a mass Nasa kitten channel overflood to engulf the Al Go Rhythms. Last, but certainly not least, we have David M join for the last segment…or DID he???
–Wanna fake parent bot to replace dear old dead Mum and Da? Yeah, nope.
–Olber’s Paradox? #PinkFloydLazerShow #WhiteWashedSky
–To grind or NOT to grind, is that a question?
–Are you rolling and smoking and listening to our show and getting ready for work and typing in chat all at the same time?? You WIN!! Just don’t add ANYTHING ELSE! ‘Cause, you know, science…


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Today we listen to the latest batch of med students as they read the Hippocratic Oath 2.0, and it is a DOOZY!! “…white supremacy…colonialism…we will honor indigenous forms of medicine…” No. Words. –Cannabis use prior to surgery seems to cause more pain post-op. 14% more. according to Scientism. And Walt’s anecdotal evidence seems to agree…until...

AIRED: 11-29-2022

Look to the skies!! We all DIE tomorrow!! We know because Josh read a thing, so…get ready, run for the mounta–er, nevermind. –Inciting violence against the fed. –Thanx to Voynich for the show title!! –Artemis. Ha!! ...

AIRED: 11-22-2022

Binks has found a husbunny!!! YES!!! Throw carrots now, yes?? Or hay? Anyways, it is a morning of many directions. Up and over? Surely, follow Artemis. To the moon!! Just watch out for Polar Bears. And lemons. RIP, GG. –Are southern and Northern stars a reflection of each other? Nick poses a question in the...

AIRED: 11-18-2022

…and when it does, don’t let the po-po know, ya know? It seems cops don’t like fish driving around. Hmph. some of the best drivers I know have gills. Anyways, we have Andrew B and Travis F join us today. –We discuss a LITERAL archeological cover-up. TRULY!! –We also speak about dying in VR. No,...

AIRED: 11-11-2022